Back in Sunny Singapore

Finally! After a gruelling 18 hours of flying and waiting in between flights, Nyx and I have arrived in Singapore.  The first thing I got to eat immediately after touching down at Changi airport was DURIANS!!!!!! Thanks to my thoughtful mother and father in law, hehe.  I was turbo jet-lagged sleep evaded me during the flight.  I was so happy to see the welcome party comprising of my family, my in-laws and my awesome friends.  It just made the butt numbing trip worth it.  

Met Aunty Cindy and Tammy in Paris with Nyx

Last Thursday I took the TGV with Nyx and went to Paris to meet up with Aunty Cindy and Tammy.  It was a 3 hour plus train ride and really crowded too.  By the time Nyx and I arrived at the train station in Paris it was almost 10pm.  Though it was my first time in Paris I was fortunate to have no trouble at all finding my way to the metro station and hopping on the right trains to find my way to the hotel 
where I was to meet my aunt and cousin.  
We had a great time touring in Paris for 4 days where we visited the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Champs-Elysees, took a cruise and so much more.