New Do

I got a major shock when Nyx got out of the shower with Guojun just now.  What kind of a kuku hairdo is this?!!  Aiyoh………. Now we must go into hiding for a few weeks or at least wear a hat when we head out.  Funny thing though, Nyx couldn’t recognize herself herself in the mirror after the haircut.  Usually she would laugh and giggle at her reflection, but just now she just stared at her image in shock.

Trip to barcelona

Although the weather in Barcelona wasn’t all too great while we were there since last Friday, we still had a very enjoyable time and continued visiting places despite the rain.  We met up with Michelle, Cheryl and Lynn there and I finally got to try out Tapas.  Really like an European version of Dim Sum.  


Yesterday night we finally captured Mickey the mouse AGAIN! This little guy has been playing hide and seek with us since summer last year.  We caught him last summer and I picked him up by his little brown tail 
then released him in a grass patch somewhere in my neighbourhood.  Apparently it wasn’t far enough and now he’s back again.  
This little critter has been taunting me for the past few weeks.  He would do a “neh neh ni boo boo” dance in the middle of my kitchen while looking straight at me and for the next hour or so I would be frantically trying to get my hands on him.  Well…… I finally got him last night.  Oddly enough, after talking to him for awhile before we took him out of the house, I started wondering if I ought to keep him as a pet……… nah! Haha.  Guojun would faint.  

Here’s a video we took of Nyx playing with her daddy and laughing hysterically.