Baby Nyx learning how to clap

Nowadays I always wake up in morning to the sound of screeches.  Yes, high pitch screeching.  I go to bed the night before with tissue paper stuffed in my ears and they remain there till the next day in the afternoon.  Mr Oon Kok Choon says that his mahjong luck is good nowadays so he’s trying to capitalize on that, which is why I have to sleep with tissue paper sticking out of my ears at night, c’est la vie mon ami………

Video of Nyx clapping her hands and finding it amusing:

Video of Nyx trying to stand with some help:

trip to Saint Emillion

Over the weekend we drove up to the wineries in Saint Emillion where the famous wines from Bordeaux are made.  We were given a tour and saw a film showing us how the grapes are grown, harvested and made into wine.  There was abit of wine tasting and we all bought at least 2 bottles of wine each before heading to the centre ville for lunch.  Gorgeous scenery!  Some of the pictures were taken in the wine celler so it will look pretty dark, heehee.

Lara Craft II

We just collected our new car yesterday after selling off our Citroen Xantia.  This SEAT Toledo’s name is Lara craft 2 (Lara craft 1 is my black Vios back in Singapore).  It was raining hailstones this morning when Nyx and I were at our French class, thank goodness the sky cleared up by the time we were about to drive home.  Tomorrow its expected to snow…… sheesh! And I thought the weather was getting warmer. Bleah!

video of Nyx watching me prepare dinner:

video of me stealing her tu tu:

video of Nyx after waking up: