Having Fun

Yesterday night after dinner we drove over to LeeLee’s and Johnny’s to play one last game of blackjack with Desmond and company before he flies back to Singapore for good this wednesday.  
After all that hard work i only managed to win about 5 euros, hahaha!  Lately Nyx has become more playful and just adores it whenever we give her attention and play with her.  Too bad she still hasn’t gotten rid of her high pitched screaming habit, argh……


Ren Ri

Yesterday evening we had some friends over for a pot luck dinner to celebrate “ren ri” (everyone’s birthday”.  It was quite a spread and we were all stuffed to the brim, but still couldn’t manage to finish all the food.  There was mee siam, curry chicken, 
otah, cold platter, achar, baked fish fillets, red wine straight from the vineyard and chilled lychees.

Chinese New Year 2007

we celebrated Chinese New Year this year in France together with the other Singaporeans and
French in one of the hangers at the squadron.  It was really quite enjoyable and elaborate, alot of 
hard work was put in to make this celebration a success.  We had sharks’ fin soup, a cold platter which even had seasoned jellyfish, sambal prawns, yu sheng and other yummy dishes.  There was also a lion dance troup performing for us before the dinner and firecrackers lit up to welcome the New year.  

Last Saturday we gathered at Johnny and LeeLee’s place for a reunion dinner.  There was an elaborate spread for the steamboat and I made yu sheng.  After we had our fill from the scrumptious dinner, the guys started playing blackjack till 2 plus in the morning.  The “party” then continued with mahjong till 8am the next day. Hahaha!

On Monday we drove to San Sebastian for a day trip together with LeeLee and Johnny.  Did quite abit of shopping and walking.  Thank goodness not all the shops close during the afternoon siesta.  

This Saturday we shall be celebrating “ren ri” over at our place.  Till then, enjoy the photos and video which I’ve just uploaded.  


Vaccination again?? Ouchie!

Yesterday I took Nyx to the doctor again to get yet another vaccination on her butt.  However this time, she 
didn’t scream at the doctor but wailed and screamed cos it must’ve hurt alot.  Made me so sad seeing her cry like that,
her whole face just screwed up and turned red like a tomato.  Its been raining alot the past few days and 
the winds are really strong too.  My stroller got blown away by the wind in the carpark and I had to run after
it, sheesh!  Of course Nyx wasn’t inside, I had already placed her in the carseat in the car.   

See Nyx playing with her daddy here :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiUhhK78yGA