Snowing in Cazaux??

We experienced quite abit of freakish weather here this week.  Apparently its not supposed to snow 
here where we’re living in France because we’re situated too far south.  But a few days ago it snowed heavily
throughout the night and we ended up with snow one inch thick all around.  Even our cars were covered in 
snow.  Yesterday we drove to Bordeaux and along the way, we noticed that the snow covering the 
fields and roads still hadn’t melted.  The temperature was around zero degrees celcius, brrrrr!!!!
Nyx seems to like the cold though, I on the other hand just want to hide under the comforter and turn the 
heater to full blast, imagining that I’m on some sunny beach in some tropical place.  Can’t wait for summer man. 

Check out some videos we took yesterday

First trip to Andorra

The day before yesterday we set off at 5am for the mountains of Andorra.  We’re experiencing quite a warm winter this year,
Which is fine with me cos i really can’t function very well under extreme cold.  hyuk hyuk!  We did
manage to see snow and people skiing on the mountains in Andorra thanks to the machines which 
churn out tonnes of snow overnight.  Otherwise this little country of Andorra will go “pok gai” if 
tourists don’t flock here to ski and shop.  The shopping here is great cos there’s no tax.  Add that to the 
fact that the winter sale throughout the whole of europe is now on,…….. its just taxing on the wallet.  
Nyx thoroughly enjoyed the cool temperature though, she was happy and snug like a pea in the pod 
whenever we took her out to walk along the streets laden with tourists and ski fanatics.  Do check out 
the videos i’ve loaded here:

There’s also this video of Nyx trying to hold her own bottle taken last week:


Unusual Tutu

I recently started giving little Nyxie boiled and blended food and she loves experimenting with new
tastes and textures.  Eveytime i put something in front of her nose, she starts behaving like a shark and 
tries to gobble up whatever it is hovering in front.  Last night i let her try some clementines, and I took some videos of it.
Check it out at these links:


Steamboat dinner

Thank you Priscilla and George for the yummy steamboat and hotplate dinner last night!  It was absolutely scrumptous.  We had “aw lua” (oyster omelette), “ah char”, fried bee hoon, abalone, lots and lots of fish balls, pork balls, seafood balls, prawns, squid and George’s secret recipe for fried tofu.  

Warm winter

Its supposed to be the middle of winter now but surprisingly the weather is pretty warm.  I was told that while we were in Singapore for the holidays, the temperature here went down as low as minus 6 degrees celsius.  Now, I can even go outdoors wearing a tanktop!  

After we got back here on Monday, Nyx has become super duper attention-seeking.  I think its from all the attention she got from relatives and friends the past few weeks.  Everytime I put her down she screams and wails…… OMG.  Its like a fire alarm ringing in my head.  I just tell myself this will pass, very soon she’s gonna grow up and won’t want me to carry her anymore, sniff sniff.

Nyx finally meets everyone in Singapore!

We finally get to go back to Singapore for 3 weeks from the 17th of december till the 7th of january.  Our little girl got to meet the rest of our family and friends for the first time and I also got to eat all the durians I could get my hands on, kekeke. 
Although its only been close to four days since we left Singapore, I miss home so badly already.  Can’t wait to go back again soon.