Going home soon!

Oh yeah! Just 2 more days and we’ll be well on our way back to Singapore for the holidays. Over the past few days, Nyx has also been developing her motor skills quite abit. She’s attempting to hold her own milk bottle while i’m feeding her, rolling like a sausage on the bed and doing mini sit-ups when she’s put in the car seat. Oh and before I forget to add, she’s also started a very painful habit of screaming real loud when I ignore her attempts to hold a conversation with me. Check out this picture where she’s doing the “peace” sign. haha!

The day before yesterday I took little Nyxie to the pediatrician for her first vaccination. It was hilarious……. actually I was squirmish at first when the doctor pierced the needle into Nyx’s right butt cheek. I though she would cry out in pain and agony but instead she turned to look at the doctor and started shouting at him, Wah hahahaha!!!! (she didn’t cry at all even though the thick needle went so deep in)

The doctor was quite surprised too at that. He went on to inject her left buttock with the second jab and she once again turned towards him and shouted, hahaha! It was really funny….. even the doctor started laughing. But I was so sad after that cos i saw her two injection wounds start to bleed, sniff sniff. Anyways, I was so glad the little girl didn’t scream and wail and cry like I though she would. She now weighs 7kg for a three month old, whoa! The doctor asked me if I was feeding her anything else, negative. She’s only taking in mommy’s milk. Then he asked me if Guojun is tall and overweight or big sized, nope. He told me that Nyx is actually pretty heavy for her age, yikes! Guess I’d better lay off the chocolate coated nuts, Rochers, chips and Nutella for awhile…….. haha.

Here’s a picture guojun took of both of us watching cartoons together last night. See you all in Singapore next week!

Can’t wait to go back to Singapore

Yes! Just 12 more days to go and we’ll be on our way back to Singapore for the holidays and Nyx will get to meet the rest of the family. We will be setting off for the airport in Bordeaux early in the morning, something like 5am….. wait for 4 hours in the airport at Paris to catch our flight back to Singapore and arrive at Changi airport at 7.20am on a Sunday morning, the 17th of December.