Nyx goes to school!

Last Thursday we attended our first day of school together at the language center.  I was so proud of Nyx after class ended as throughout the 
lesson she was so well behaved and never threw a tantrum.  
The lessons are held every Thurday and Friday and last for 2 hours.  
I was so relieved to finally find a class which allows mommies to bring their children along with them.  

“The Swarm”

Yesterday I took Nyx to see the pediatrician for her regular checkup and when we got to the waiting room, several others were there already.  Like I mentioned before, Nyx has started to become more vocal and this often attracts the attention of strangers.  This morning was no exception.  All I wanted to do was just find a seat and “stone” while waiting our turn as I was seriously tired from lack of sleep the night before thanks to Nyx kicking and punching me and guojun the whole night cos she just didn’t feel like sleeping.  But Nooooo……. “somebody” decided to make friends with everybody in the waiting room that day, so very soon we had a SWARM of people surrounding us asking if we come from China, where on earth exactly is Singapore, how old is she, blah blah blah…… and telling me that they have relatives in Vietnam, my baby is very friendly (too friendly liao lor), very chubby, blah blah blah……. Finally it was our turn to see the doctor and he went about to measure her weight (5.8kg) length (55.5cm), cranial circumference, heart rate, test her reflexes and strength, etc.  Everything went well and he told us that on her next appointment she would receive her vaccinations, yikes!  That’s just before we take our flight back to Singapore in Dec.  Before we left the clinic, we were ambushed by “the swarm” again, haha.  One thing I noticed here is that the locals seem very facinated by the Asian baby, its like some mythical creature to them, haha! Cos even at the supermarket car park, people will come up to us just so they can have a better look at what we have in our baby stroller.