The beginning of my blog

Yes this blog is a little late in the making but its finally here. At least I’ve been sending pictures and writing to most of you regularly keeping you updated about my life here in France, the birth of little Nyx and how she’s been growing since I delivered her on the 3rd of September 2006.

So it’s been 3 and a half months since I’ve left Singapore to come live in France with Guojun and to tell the truth, I’m still missing home so badly and still can’t get used to life here, sniff sniff. Its just nothing like good ol’ Singapore being surrounded by family, friends, my doggies and of course, the FOOD!

My mother-in-law flew back to Singapore 2 weeks ago after taking care of us and helping me through confinement and Fanny arrived to visit a week ago. Its just great to have someone else in the house with me during the day when guojun has to work especially when Nyx is in a cranky mood and just wants to wail.

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