Peking Duck Day

How do you make Peking Duck for two? You don’t! So i had to stuff my face with almost half a bird……. Poor ducky. Guojun had a craving for Peking duck and has been bugging me to make it the whole week so i spent almost 4hrs today just to cook this dish. It was all worth it though, hehe. But i’m really really stuffed now. Funny thing happened at the supermarket today, i just have to share it. Nyx has been getting more talkative lately and she happened to be in one of those moods today so when we were picking a duck for Peking Duck she started peeking out from the dark…… (ok i’m getting corny again). Anyways, she starting babbling in baby talk pretty loud and a few ang mohs started surrounded us, mostly old ladies. They were so amused by this babbling bundle and kept playing with her until I had to go back to the meats section to get another fresh cold duck. By the way, I was “stuck” in the hypermarket for 2 hours! Yes, just buying a duck………. Next time I’m going shove a tu tu (pacifier) in her mouth when we go shopping. Miss you my family and dearest friends!

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