Peking Duck Day

How do you make Peking Duck for two? You don’t! So i had to stuff my face with almost half a bird……. Poor ducky. Guojun had a craving for Peking duck and has been bugging me to make it the whole week so i spent almost 4hrs today just to cook this dish. It was all worth it though, hehe. But i’m really really stuffed now. Funny thing happened at the supermarket today, i just have to share it. Nyx has been getting more talkative lately and she happened to be in one of those moods today so when we were picking a duck for Peking Duck she started peeking out from the dark…… (ok i’m getting corny again). Anyways, she starting babbling in baby talk pretty loud and a few ang mohs started surrounded us, mostly old ladies. They were so amused by this babbling bundle and kept playing with her until I had to go back to the meats section to get another fresh cold duck. By the way, I was “stuck” in the hypermarket for 2 hours! Yes, just buying a duck………. Next time I’m going shove a tu tu (pacifier) in her mouth when we go shopping. Miss you my family and dearest friends!

Day trip for Nyx in Bordeaux

For the past few times we took Nyx out shopping and sightseeing she had very well behaved never creating a scene or screaming like she often does at home. So on Tuesday we took her Bordeaux to meet up with my friend Felicia and her partner Sam. She was so sweet as to bring me mooncakes and spices all the way from Singapore, thanks Fifi!

Yesterday we took her out again to windowshop along the streets of Bordeaux. We were there on a mission to look for the one and only KFC around this area and we succeeded! After walking around for almost and hour and a half while “siam-ing” dogshit everywhere. Haha! Seriously, there really is alot of dog poop along the streets, even busy ones and the owners don’t bother to clean up, yikes!

The beginning of my blog

Yes this blog is a little late in the making but its finally here. At least I’ve been sending pictures and writing to most of you regularly keeping you updated about my life here in France, the birth of little Nyx and how she’s been growing since I delivered her on the 3rd of September 2006.

So it’s been 3 and a half months since I’ve left Singapore to come live in France with Guojun and to tell the truth, I’m still missing home so badly and still can’t get used to life here, sniff sniff. Its just nothing like good ol’ Singapore being surrounded by family, friends, my doggies and of course, the FOOD!

My mother-in-law flew back to Singapore 2 weeks ago after taking care of us and helping me through confinement and Fanny arrived to visit a week ago. Its just great to have someone else in the house with me during the day when guojun has to work especially when Nyx is in a cranky mood and just wants to wail.