SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Review

Was given the opportunity to attend SK-II #ChangeDestiny campaign the other day thanks to I have been a consistent user of SK-II products and even though there were no new product launches this time, I liked the fact that SK-II have decided to revisit their existing star products and come up with an all new campaign titled #ChangeDestiny.


Inspired by stories of women who have overcome personal and societal limitations to change their destiny and achieve success, SK-II proudly presents the SK-II Global #ChangeDestiny forum series.


Hosted in Singapore, the first of SK-II global #ChangeDestiny forum series features internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter and UN Goodwill Ambassador, Anggun and inspirational social media star, Sha. Many bloggers from Thailand and Indonesia flew in specially for this event.


At the event, I was given the privilege to listen to the heart warming stories they shared. I was enlightened after their speech and couldn’t stop thinking about my own needs and wants. Like them, I have a dream and a goal I would like to achieve but often find myself procrastinating and contemplating on whether to work towards it due to fear but after hearing their processes and all the hardship they had to take on, I thought that if I didn’t try I would never know. We just have to keep moving forward. Hence, I immediately went back home and set up a company after the sharing. Do check out more heart warming stories HERE if you are interested!


Back to the product, we all know SK-II’s worth and price. Despite it being on the pricey end, I find that it is worth every penny spent. I like to think of SK-II as an investment but a worthy one. It has no risk attached to it. It gives that crystal clear skin we girls seek for. Having used this for a couple of years, I like its texture as it feels as light as water when patting it on the face. It absorbs fast and has almost no smell. I like the after glow it gives the very next day.





Hope this helps and thank you for reading! xx


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