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Whitening My Smile With Pop Smile!

whats in the ultimate kit!

Do you have a thing for pearly whites? Went for laser teeth whitening at a clinic before and even though it was effective it did not last and it was crazy expensive too 🙁 This changed the moment I found my whitening magic, POP SMILE! Perfect for sensitive teeth like mine, its peroxide free! Do you know Peroxide can damage your enamel, burn your gums and leave your teeth sensitive? Smile brighter and whiter without breaking the bank. All you need is simply 10 minutes a day and you can get clinically proven results at home. Not only is it easy to use, you get fast results too!

A teeth whitening brand, POP SMILE helps your selfie game to get a whole lot stronger!

With a 99% natural, peroxide-free whitening gel, plus a patented pre-treatment and a little LED magic, POP SMILE‘s teeth whitening kit brightens teeth by up to 8 shades (clinically proven).

3 peroxide-free whitening gels.
per syringe

√99% natural and peroxide-free formula.
√ Clinically proven results.
√ Made in the US. FDA registered.
√ Patented pre-treatment.
√ Whitening trays customisable to your own teeth shape to maximise results. Teeth Whitening Pen, Whitening Trays Case and Travel Pouch included.

comes with a travel pouch

Besides the performance benefits, you get to enjoy Free Shipping World Wide and its SAFE FOR SENSITIVE TEETH.

LED Device

Use the kit everyday for 10 mins only for 9 days! Enjoy your beaming smile for up to 3 months before repeating after 3 months!

1. Prep your teeth using a Pre-Treatment swab – Whitening Accelerator for the first 5 days

2. Form the whitening trays by boiling water and pour into a flat container allowing it to cool slightly. Using the handle tabs on the whitening trays, place the trays in hot water for 5-7 seconds only before placing in your mouth and pressing with fingers to form around your teeth. Remember to cut off the tabs!

3. Fill the whitening tray with 0.5ml of the peroxide-fee whitening gel and place in your mouth, removing excess gel from the gums.
4. Smile and place the LED Light in front of your teeth. Close mouth and press the white button to activate the light. Sit back, relax and get ready for your bright, new POP SMILE! After 10 minutes, remove the LED device and trays. Rinse mouth and trays with lukewarm water. Remember to remove plastic under the batteries before use
Follow with the whitening pen for even brighter teeth!


I have went for teeth whitening at aesthetic clinics before and boy was it a hassle! The process was tedious, long and uncomfortable. The process took about 45 minutes but it was very uncomfortable as I had to put the device and tool inside for the entire 45 minutes which didn’t felt good and wasn’t worth it I guess.

Love that this kit provides so much convenience and makes the perfect travel kit! I love how easy it is to use and how effective the product is.



Thats all about my experience so far,  I highly recommend this kit for those interested in teeth whitening! Thank you for reading and hope this review helped you in deciding if this kit is perfect for you. Find out more information here!