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Relax Ready With OSIM uJolly today!

After a long day at work, how would you choose to relax? For me, I turn to OSIM uJolly for a relaxing massage session.

Portability and Flexibility

A new generation full back massager, what I love is its flexibility! Any chair can now be a massage chair. It is portable, versatile and can conveniently fit onto most chairs, sofas, loungers and beds to provide one-stop relief for neck, shoulders & back wherever you are.

You can use them in the bedroom;

living room;

study room.


Space-saving is so important to me because in the past I used to procrastinate about getting a back massager as space could be limited back home. However with the portability OSIM uJolly offers, I can even keep it in the cupboard when I wish to make space. It is so lightweight, even I could carry it upstairs and downstairs myself. You could even fit it in the car so you never need to worry about moving house. This is essential because I am looking to relocate pretty soon.


OSIM uJolly’s innovative V-Grip Massage Technology is unparalleled. It comes with 2 massage techniques – Shoulder Grip & Lumbar Press delivers a targeted massage for deep tissue relief by loosening stiff & aching muscles.

Affordable pricing

Oh wait, do you know it is affordable too? Only $449 (U.P. $499) or $38 per month with instalment plan! Certainly budget-friendly for the young working adults and new couples. If you are looking for a full massage you might wish to combine it with a leg massager like their newly launched OSIM uStiletto. You may wish to check out my review HERE.

Modern Designed

Being someone who’s very much into fashion, I am in love with the  design. I chose OSIM uJolly in the colour, Merry Red but it also comes in Happy Yellow! This is one modern design for any modern home.

Ideal Gift

Affordable,  portable and beneficial to the health, OSIM uJolly makes the best gift for your loved ones (family, friends and colleagues). Is your partner’s birthday coming up? This would be the ultimate gift for him/her. I gifted my parents with OSIM uJolly because I feel they need it more than I do and I could kill two birds with one stone, as I can even use it too! This would also make the perfect Christmas gift as well!

Being a very reliable brand, OSIM has always been my number 1 choice for gifts. I literally grew up with OSIM as my family has purchased 2 generations of the OSIM massage chairs.

I highly recommend a weekly massage if possible. It is never too late to start taking care of your health. Health is gold and regular massages would aid in blood circulation hence improving our overall health. Massage is well received by all ages whether you are young or old. If you are like me, facing daily stress from work and sitting long hours at the office, you can look forward to relaxing on the uJolly after a long day at work since we won’t always have the time to head to the spa or massage parlour. I always believe in self love as it can make you feel better overall as a person and it is always better to pamper yourself daily.

You can even share with your boyfriend/husband and family like I did.

Great news for you all!

From now till 31st Dec 2017, enjoy $70 off OSIM uJolly at $429 (UP $499) or $36 per month (based on 12 months instalment) when you pay with DBS/POSB credit, debit or NETS card at any OSIM Outlets today!

Available at all OSIM Stores, Roadshows or Online Webshop at www.OSIM.com

OSIM Webshop Exclusive: In addition, for a limited time only, quote my name “sydney” and get $70 off uJolly PLUS receive FREE Delivery and receive a pair of FREE Beauty Socks when you purchase an OSIM uJolly during checkout on www.OSIM.com ! Start taking care of your health today before its too late.

For more information, do check out their Facebook, or product page!

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OSIM uLove 白马王子 Massage Chair Experience

Have you ever dreamt of having a 白马王子 when you were younger? Well, I have always dreamt of this ever since I was a child while listening to fairy tales therefore I am really excited to tell you that the new OSIM uLove fulfilled my childhood dream and I will tell you more below!

A maker of luxury massage chairs, OSIM had their uLove private event at their HQ a few nights ago and I was one of the lucky attendees to be invited where I had one of the most amazing experiences ever which I will elaborate on later. Beautifully decorated with flower petals, a lovely dessert table and cocktail bar serving customized drinks awaits us invitees. Felt right at home with familiar faces around me. We were early hence we had a good time chatting and mingling around with canapés.

We were first ushered by our personalized chaperones into the Experience Zone where we were seated in our individual OSIM uLove massage chair in a dark scented room which was really dark to keep us in suspense how OSIM uLove 白马王子 looked like.

While seated, we were asked to place our feet into the socks attached to the leg rest. My family previously owned an older OSIM model and I remember at that time, there were no socks pockets so I am glad there is one now because it keeps my feet warm and cosy. Our chaperones then adjusted the inclination and strength for us accordingly. Due to the intelligent features OSIM uLove was equipped with, the strength was just right. I have lower back and feet issues so I found that it targeted correctly at the sore spots that needed massage badly. This was all I needed after a long day! Thanks to the Immersive Audio System, I was serenaded with alluring music and was quickly put into full relaxation mode. I slept through the massage and that’s how relaxing it is! This is my favourite feature of the OSIM uLove because it allows me to play my favourite songs on a smartphone or iPod. The Experience Zone was the main highlight for me as I finally had my muscles relieved after a long day of activities. Just like how I imagined my 白马王子would be like – a prince that arrives just in time to rescue his damsel in distress, the OSIM uLove fulfilled this dream of mine. It saved me from sore muscles haha!

I enjoyed how realistic the massage felt thanks to the V-Hand Massage technology that emulates an agile hand-grip of a professional masseuse, producing a realistic massage grip that is adept at extracting deep seated knots. To ensure the smoothest and most pleasurable massage, the 720o Roller Balls can rotate 360 degrees in both horizontal and vertical directions and intimately roll along every contour of your body. You can also customise your Massage Intensities to maximise enjoyment, precision and effectiveness. The OSIM uLove features a Long-Track Massage feature where it extends to the buttock areas to soothe and relax muscles stiffened from prolonged sitting. This is my other favourite feature because I sit quite a lot during the day so this helps to soothe my lower back which have suffered due to my poor sitting posture.

Another plus point, the OSIM uLove massage chair presents a suite of massage programs, professionally designed and tailored to satisfy the diverse needs of the whole family leaving you spoilt for choices! Like an ala-carte menu in a spa, you get first-class service in the comfort of your home. See below for the menu. If the existing massage programs are not to your liking, you can also download New Massage Programs simply with a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone.

After experiencing the Experience Zone, we toured around the Lifestyle Zone where we were further introduced to OSIM uLove. We got to understand more about the functionalities in depth. Here’s where all the pictures comes in!

The OSIM uLove performs Intelligent Auto Shoulder Detection activated at the start of every automatic massage program. The shoulder detection feature would access our unique physical build, ensuring that we benefit from the full curative effects of the personalised massage.

You can even activate the Extendible Foot Massager that can be customisable to the user’s unique height, providing an even more personalised massage all the way to the toes! For greater convenience, the uLove understands your massage needs and recalls your preferred massage settings for up to 3 different users. You can save up to 4 of your Favourite Massage Programs to appear on the top of the programme list for quicker selection and easier navigation. It also comes equipped with Comprehensive Safety Features ensuring the safety of your family-friends. The backrest will stop reclining upon detection of any object in its path and the footrest will also stop retracting when it senses any obstruction underneath it. With the One-Touch Chair Position, adjust to your desired chair positioning, using just one-touch. To ensure you feel cosy, Soothing Warm Air on the back prepares your body to loosen stiff muscles and joints. Unlike other massage chairs, which are strapped with remote control cables, OSIM uLove’s unique selling point lies with the fact that it has a retractable remote control that is  neatly tucked within a hidden panel. The remote control operates the intensity of a massage and streams music through the chair’s superior speakers.

Luxurious and majestic in design, the main body of the uLove is upholstered in quilted and modern weave inspired leatherette. Thoughtfully designed with retractable remote control and optimally positioned speakers, this makes OSIM uLove the perfect luxe addition to any home. It comes in an array of premium intense hues – Dreamy White, Handsome Brown, Charming Red, Dashing Copper and Gorgeous Teal, all with the same Handsome Design for you to choose from!

After having our pictures taken, we were given the big reveal! Finally, we see the 白马王子, well raved by OSIM’s uLove ambassador, Fan Bing Bing. It was a nice surprise! It really resembles a knight in shining armour like how I would imagine my 白马王子 to look like!

The OSIM uLove retails at a Special Price of $5,499 (UP $5,999) & will be exclusively available at the following:

• OSIM uLove Preview Shops at
Ang Mo Kio Hub #B2-05/06
Bedok Mall #B2-57
Best Denki Ngee Ann City L5
Best Denki VivoCity L2
Bukit Panjang Plaza #01-12
Causeway Point #B1-37
Changi Airport T2 Departure #026-115
Courts Tampines
IMM #02-40
Jem #B1-46
Jurong Point (B1-34A/35/36)
Junction 8 #03-10
Metro Causeway Point L3
Nex #03-05
Parkway Parade #B1-63 & #03-24/24A
Plaza Singapura #03-09
Raffles City #03-21
Takashimaya B1 OSIM Counter
Tampines Mall #B1-05
VivoCity #01-50/51
Waterway Point #B2-23
White Sands #02-07


Find out more about the OSIM uLove at ulove.osim.com

Do keep a look out!