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ADVERT – LunchClick App

Question! How many of you girls have a tendency to steer away from dating apps? I was talking to my girlfriends the other day and we agreed that dating apps are more male-orientated. Females don’t usually get such a great experience. Most chaps on these apps seem to be looking for one thing mainly…..if you know what I mean haha.

Anyway, if you are looking for an app that may actually allow you to end up with a serious relationship, look no further!

Let me introduce you to LUNCHCLICK, Singapore’s first female-centric app.



This app is essentially a godsend to us females! And here’s why,


1. It ascertains that there are no married people on the app as furnishing of NRIC particulars is a requirement – LunchClick is SDN accredited, allowing them to validate if the particulars provided are genuine.

2. The app also checks against Facebook profiles and rejects individuals with fake profiles or those whose relationship status shows that they are attached.

3. Ensure that all users are genuine singles.

4. A limitation of one match per day so guys will not be able to simply swipe endlessly to check out female users. No “number’s game” for the men here!

5. Females don’t get bombarded with tons of messages by creepy guys.

I found the app a breeze to use, coupled with the duration taken for it to validate my profile was not even 5 minutes!


How would YOU like to go on a first-date with someone and not spend a single cent? WELL…

you would be happy to know that for the FIRST 1000 users who use the “propose a date” feature on the LunchClick app and ACTUALLY go out on a real-life date, LunchClick will SPONSOR your meals! How awesome is this! What are you waiting for? Sign up NOW.

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