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Rollover Reaction SUEDED 3-in-1 Lipstick Review

I am always on the lookout for new and upcoming cosmetic brands and so when I first found out about these interesting lip products from Indonesian local brand, Rollover Reaction, I knew I had to try it!

Founded in 2016,  new and upcoming Indonesian cosmetics brand Rollover Reaction creates desirable beauty products for today’s modern day women  who are constantly on-the-go and want easy, fuss free products make up that is perfect for daily wear!

The brand is all about creating effortless beauty personalised for various women which is why they created their first product; SUEDED – A liquid creamy formulation wearable as a lipstick, blusher, and even eyeshadow.

There’s 8 adorable shades available and I am going to show you how it looks on my lips.

Each of their products comes with an extensive range of colors, from subtle-stain to high-impact pigments. Packed in stylish packaging for those who wants to maximized appearance with minimum effort.

When applied, the lip colour goes on pigmented, glides on smoothly with a soft velvety texture to it. Color comes out easily and is very vibrant on the lips. Due to its smooth texture, it goes on nicely on the cheeks and eyelids as well. For the eyelids and cheeks, I usually just dab a little on the areas and glide my fingers over the areas. You can also opt for a blending brush or sponge for your eyes or cheeks if you do not wish to dirty your fingers.

There is a faint toffee smell that smells delicious and a minty tangling sensation to the lips when applied.

These are the colours available. My favourites are UMMA and SADDIE. I thought that every colour here was super pretty and wearable. I honestly liked every shade, and thought the colours were very suitable for Asian pale skin like mine. You have to try it for yourselves to believe what I say. It was so hard to choose a favourite. For lids and cheeks, I would go for shades like SALLY and LUCY! What’s your favourite shade?

Can’t wait to get your hands on these amazing products? Shop online NOW!