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REVIEW – Laneige Clear C Advanced Effector

Hi pretties! 

Sorry I took so long. I am mostly on IG so often I neglect my blog. But I am trying to blog more and of course more on personal stuff! I have always loved to write, and was a full time writer in an online store for a good one year. My vocabulary isn’t amazing but I have always preferred perfecting my grammar as compared to acing the vocab.

Anw back to my beauty review of the day, I would like to share with you girls how did the Laneige Clear C Advanced Effector fare on my skin which I have received a while back. I thought it would be fairer to do a proper review after using it for at least two weeks.

Laneige Clear C Advanced Effector

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Ok…So initially, I didn’t think much of this product because I never knew that toners ARE THAT EFFECTIVE! However, the moment I applied this on my face using the instructions given inside the packaging, I knew then, this product would be part of my holygrail section!

Inside every package, there is a box of Facial Care Dual Cotton which consists of 60 pads and has two sides to it, textured and non textured (smooth). There will also be a 150ml bottle of Clear C Advanced Effector.


So according to the instructions, you have to use the textured side of the cotton pad in the morning and the smooth side at night. For morning usage, you would have to start from the center of the chin and work towards the temple areas. Blot skin starting from the upper area of the face and working downwards to even out skin tone. And lastly blot the neck area upwards, working towards the face.

For night care, you have to use their Gentle Tapping Care method. Gently pat skin with a cotton pad, starting from the centre of the face and work outwards to enhance nutrients into skin.


I love that this product contains 92.5% Superberry extract! No wonder it smells so good!

dsc01925 photo_28-1-15_1_31_52_pm


1. I liked that it smells so good! Haven’t raved about a product smelling this good for the longest time.

2. It has such clear instructions on how to use it so it can perform at its best for you.

3. My skin has visibly improved. I no longer have red blotchy skin because my skin feels so cared for and moisturised. Going to stock up on my next bottle once this is finished!

4. Non sticky texture and very light on my skin.

5. I did not break out after using it which is awesome because I do break out sometimes when I use new products.

Photo 23-1-15 1 58 24 pm_edited-1 Photo 23-1-15 2 00 51 pm_edited-1

My complexion after using Laneige Clear C Advanced Effector. Look at how my skin glow! I did not apply ANY makeup at all for these two photos and also, I did not edit it in any way. The images are from my camera directly. If you look closely, you can see blackheads even haha!

dsc01929 dsc01930


After putting on makeup. Again, no filter or editing done at all.


Honestly there is nothing bad about the product but priced at S$57, it would seem rather pricey to some. However, having a good toner is very important and some people skip this step which is such a terrible thing to your skin! You should never miss using a toner because a toner effectively helps to remove excess makeup or dirt on your skin you could have missed even after washing and removing makeup off your face. It also preps your skin for better absorption of the products after and close your pores.

I hope this post helps in deciding whether you should get it! Whether sponsored or not, I would still buy this product and I do want to thank Laneige for giving me such an opportunity to try out this wonderful product that creates wonders for my skin!

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