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L’Oreal Professional

Hello again!

So it has been almost 3 weeks since the Singapore Fashion Week and here I am still having some sort of withdrawal syndromes from it! The highlight of the entire show was definitely the L’Oreal Professionnel Hair Show and I am here right now to share with you guys my experience!

Most of the girls were kindly sponsored by TouchPR and L’Oreal Professional for their pre-show hairdo and I had Levin from Serangoon Nex NK Hair salon as my hairstylist for the night.

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We were all very excited because Yoon Eun-Hye was the spokesperson of L’Oreal Professionnel and she would be there! We were also lucky enough to have a photo opportunity with her! All of us were starstruck by her presence. She was absolutely flawless and such a beauty!




On the stage, we had Cha Hong and Christophe Gaillet to showcase some of the exciting v-look hair cuts they have come up with. Th entire show was very exciting with a battle of the two towards the end. We had the opportunity to go up close to the models after the show ended to take pictures. Between the two hair stylists, I would prefer Cha Hong’s creations because it is more wearable and also flouncier. Christophe Gaillet’s hair creations were also fabulous but it was probably not that wearable to me at least. However, apparently more people applauded when Christophe Gaillet came up on stage which proved he was more popular among the hair stylists! I guess his skills were something most hair stylists would like to achieve? But well, I shall let you be the judge!

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Christophe Gaillet’s

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Another incentive we were given was that we could also get our very own customised v-look hair cut and colour makeover at the respective salons! I went back to NK Hair at Serangoon Nex and this time I was served by hairstylist, Ryan. The whole process was rather swift and my hairdo was completed within 2 hours! The process started off with a consultation first on the colours and haircut. He kindly explained what would  V-look hair cut do for me and the steps that would be used to create the look. He suggested a perm at the crown of the head to create a flouncier texture and also shorter layering at the sides. He then suggested ash green colour for my hair and bleached highlights at only the bottom end of my hair because bleaching the entire head would be rather painful and stressful for me. My dry and untreated hair was not suitable for heavy bleaching. I went ahead with his suggestions and I mad love my hair after! I have never tried bleaching before so this was certainly a refreshing change to my otherwise boring one-tone coloured hair. Just look at how unruly my hair was before the hair cut and colour!




DSC08016 DSC08017 DSC08026




So okay, I have a L’Oreal Professionnel hamper to giveaway to 2 of my lucky readers worth $120 each c/o of L’Oreal Professional and TouchPR.

If you wold like to win this, comment below with your name and email address! I will select the winners by 15th June 2015, 1pm!

Thank you for reading xx