Thigh Skin Tightening Secrets II with Halley Medical Aesthetics

Here I am again back with my review of the second treatment with Halley Medical Aesthetics. If you wish to find out about my first treatment and its process, you can refer HERE.


As I wanted to tighten the loose skin on my thigh areas, I went to Dr Terence Tan from Halley Medical Aesthetics for their Tightlase 3D Laser Skin Tightening which is best at targeting such stubborn areas. This treatment uses two different laser modes to heat our tissues at both superficial and at a deeper layer in order to tighten the skin. As usual, I felt at ease with Dr Terence Tan because he is always all smiles.




At Halley Medical Aesthetics, I always feel safe as they use the latest technology. The previous time they used the iPAD to maintain and check against the temperature of my skin tissue as the treatment requires heat to work. However this time, they used a temperature sensor that is integrated into the hand piece to ensure that the skin does not overheat and that temperature maintains at a right level to deliver optimum results.

Before starting the procedure, similar to the first time, Dr Terence Tan and the nurse would draw the areas that need to be treated. The treated areas were the inner, outer and back of the thighs.



As this is my second time undergoing this treatment, I am aware of what is expected. I was more prepared and relaxed as well. The first and second time did not have much difference in fact. There was still some biting feel but I was less nervous so I felt time did pass faster. Dr Terence Tan also performed the procedure quicker than before as the integrated temperature  probe allowed him keep a closer track of my skin temperature. This is why he always insists on using the latest in modern medical technology. Not only does this improves outcome but makes things more comfortable for patients.





This is the new hand piece with the integrated temperature sensor.







As I mentioned before, the treatment has two modes. The first laser setting gently but consistently heats the tissues in the deeper layer to tighten the skin. He has to complete all three areas on both my legs before he can proceed with the second mode.




You can see from here that the area treated (left thigh) looks more pinkish than the non-treated area. It shows the laser is working to heat the tissue to deliver the desired skin tightening effect. The laser in this second mode delivers some degree of fat removal (or lipolysis) as well.


Dr Terence Tan is always talking to me and cracking jokes during the treatment, which helps passes the time as he has six areas to treat with two different laser modes!

This treatment takes about three sessions to see results, and it depends on individuals too. This is my second session.

Definitely, the loose skin around my thighs have decreased significantly. I have lost about 1 inch to date from my last measured. At least now I do feel more confident when wearing bikini, jeans or pants! Looking forward to my next review.

IMG_9275 copy

Hope this helps and thank you for reading!

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