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Had the privilege to attend Stenders Singapore launch a few weeks ago with some of my blogger friends. It was a wonderful experience definitely chatting with my friends as well as exploring the stores’ wide range of products. Mostly handmade, I especially liked the hand crafted soaps and Wild Rose range. The handcrafted beautiful pieces of soap were the very first products created by Stenders. My favourite has to be the Honey Milk soap. Similar to Lush, they also stock up on Hand crafted bath bubble balls that are not only fragrant but creates different moment of sensations as it joyfully fizzes in water.


With a wide range of products in stores. I am surprised they even have a men range! All the range of products you can imagine, you will be able to find them in Stenders. They even stock up on scented and massage candles!

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Received both the Hydrating Facial Gel and Moisturising Toner from the launch.

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To moisturise and protect, use Hydrating Facial Gel for the face after cleansing. Texture is light and similar to water. Not to mention, it smells good as well due to its Wild Rose properties!



After cleansing the face however, it is important to use the Moisturising Toner to wipe off excess makeup as well as provide another layer of protection to the skin. The toner is also non sticky and smells as good!

The entire range smells good and also deeply moisturises and hydrates the skin.


STENDERS, a nature­inspired cosmetics brand, will open its flagship store at Plaza Singapura in early Q4 2015. Get ready for a mind­blowing sensory experience in a fragrant garden of products designed for pleasure.

STENDERS, one of the biggest cosmetics producers in Northern Europe, celebrates joie de vivre with attention to everything affecting mood and feelings – from design and product presentation to a garden ambience with flowers hanging from the ceiling, and most importantly, excellent customer care including exquisite gift­wrapping rituals.

Founded in 2001, STENDERS is a Latvian retail brand specialising in nature ­inspired skincare and cosmetics. Through unique textures and mesmerizing aromas, as well as from joyous colours and natural elements, STENDERS products will awaken your senses and bring joy to your everyday life.


Address: Plaza Singapura #03­75

Tel: 6238 1152

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