SMILEMAKERS Lubricant Range and Personal Massager


Smile Makers is inspired by the belief that beauty starts with a smile. When you are smiling on the inside, you smile on the outside. And nothing is more gorgeous than that.


Smile Makers is rapidly democratizing the world of sexual wellbeing, selling in over 3,000 health & beauty retailers in 10 European and Asian markets. It is the only sexual wellbeing brand that only sells in mainstream stores.

Smile Makers Personal Massagers have been awarded with some of the creative world’s most prestigious prizes, including Cannes Lions (France), D&AD (UK), One Show (US), and AWARD (Australia).


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The global market for lubricants is estimated at USD 1 billion. While some lubricants use is to playfully spice things up for couples in the bedroom, most is connected with dryness-related issues. Studies show that the use of lubricants for women is significantly higher at 25-45 than at younger ages. Yet, the top-brands in the market are not designed for women of this age group.

Women commonly express concerns regarding the ingredients used in lubricants, prompting Ramblin’ Brands to encourage consumers to educate themselves about what lubricants should and should not contain. Smile Makers formulation takes its cues from the world of luxury skin care. “Women are mindful about what products they put on their face, and should be just as mindful about what they put on the most intimate and sensitive part of their body,” says Dr. Komathy Rajaratnam, Founder and Aesthetic Physician of The Lifestyle Clinic.

For the first time ever, Smile Makers is introducing ingredients from luxury skincare into lubricants. There are two ingredients that really make Smile Makers lubricants different – dipotassium glycyrrhizate (DPG) from Japan, and methylpropanediol from France. Dr. Komathy Rajaratnam explains the ingredients, “DPG is the soothing skin condition agent used by luxury skin care brands such as Kosé, Kanebo, and Shiseido, while Methylpropanediol provides a silky and moisturising feeling during and after use. The result is that Smile Makers’ products feel very different from traditional lubricants.”


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Smile Makers personal lubricants are available in three different versions, so that everyone can find their personal favorite.



As light as a feather, this lubricant is formulated for a natural sensation.



Silky and soft, this soothing lubricant instantly nourishes for a smoother, velvety feel.



Rich and luxuriously textured, this ultra-sensorial lubricant provides the right amount of cushioning.


All of the lubricants are like described. The texture is light and silky.






Easy and simple to grasp with the hand, the personal massager has three modes where you can choose which mode is most suitable for you. The material used is very felt-like and soft to the touch.



To match the formulation in quality, the luxurious packaging is designed by Smile Makers award-winning designer, the creative mind behind SK-II, Gucci, and D&G’s elegant fragrance bottles. Smile Makers wants to give women elegant lubricants that can be placed on their vanity table.

“We are confident that Smile Makers will be the preferred choice for conscious women,” says Mattias Hulting, Co-Founder of Ramblin’ Brands. “Our lubricants are sophisticated, feminine, and pampering, which we believe all women deserve.” The conveniently-sized

30ml bottle can also easily fit into a pouch or a handbag – perfect for travelling.

Following the successful launch of Smile Makers in a number of markets including France, Belgium, United Kingdom, and Taiwan, Smile Makers personal lubricants are now available in selected Watsons stores and retail at $29.95.


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