Thigh Skin Tightening Secrets with Halley Medical Aesthetics

Most people who have seen me now would never believed I was fat once. I was about 10kg heavier than my current weight about 3 years back in University due to the stress levels I had. I was called fat by my best friend and even my mom when I returned to Singapore! Though I slimmed down after, there were some areas that had loose skin like my arms and thighs.


I am a pants and jeans person but couldn’t wear them and due to this reason, I decided to undergo treatment with Halley Medical Aesthetics. Thankfully, Dr Terence Tan recommended this treatment called Tightlase 3D Laser Skin Tightening to me which is effective for tightening loose skin with some degree of fat removal. Not the first time undergoing treatments with Dr Terence Tan, I am glad I am doing this thigh treatment with him again as its always more comfortable doing procedures with doctors you can trust. If you wish to find out more about my previous experience, you can click HERE.





For the laser to reach its maximum effects, it is necessary to go for at least 4-5 sessions. Each treatment session costs $380 (inclusive of GST). The treatment has two different modes

1) Skin Tightlase in the first mode gently but consistently heats the tissues in the deeper layer in order to tighten the skin.



2) In the second mode, the treatment heats tissues at a superficial layer to cause skin tightening and a modest degree of lipolysis (fat removal).




At Halley Medical Aesthetics, I always feel safe as they use the latest technology. This time they used the iPAD to check and maintain a consistent heat in my skin tissue so as to ensure tightening without burning the skin.


Dr Terence Tan as usual is very friendly and assuring. His friendly nature makes me feel at ease. Just look at him in the picture below for reassurance.


Before starting the procedure, Dr Terence Tan and the clinic assistant would draw the areas that need to be treated. The treated areas were the inner, outer and back of the thighs.



During the procedure, when the machine was getting heated, I did not feel anything at all but as it becomes hotter (everyone has a certain limit towards temperatures, mine is 43 degrees), the feeling felt like multiple ant bites but bearable. You can also ask Dr Terence Tan to stop for a break if required. The procedure took some time because there were three areas (inner, outer and back of the thighs) to treat.






There was no awkwardness throughout even though he was treating my upper thigh areas because everything was conducted in a professional manner and a female nurse would always be next to me to ensure I am comfortable.


At various intervals, Dr Terence Tan would also crack some jokes to lighten the atmosphere.




As this is my first treatment so far, it is too early to comment on the result. I do feel the skin around has become slightly tighter, but the result is not visible to the naked eye yet. At least now I do feel more confident when wearing jeans or pants! I look forward to my next treatment as I hope to achieve slimmer thighs soon! Do keep a lookout for my next review.


Hope this helps and thank you for reading!