SHU UEMURA Anti/Oxi+ Cleansing Oil & #KYEFORSHU

Received the Shu Uemura Anti/Oxi Cleansing Oil together with some recent launches from the #KYEFORSHU collaboration. Along with the package, I received these sweet treats, eclairs featuring cute tags of Shu Uemura iconic products from a collaboration with Two Bakers! They are so yummy, I especially love the Passion Fruit and Coffee flavoured one.

Not new to Shu Uemura’s cleansing oils, I was previously using the Blanc:Chroma version which targets whitening concerns. This all new version of the renowned cleansing oil mainly targets pollutants.

Not known to many, pollution causes oxidative stress and damages skin little by little, day by day and causes the skin to feel dry and fragile. This will result in dull and aged skin like what I am experiencing right now. I have very sensitive skin hence, external causes actually impact my skin extensively. My skin is easily aggravated by pollutants especially during the haze period.

Knowing external pollutants play a big part in skin damage, more cosmetic companies have created products that target these concerns and I am glad Shu Uemura has also created one range for this purpose! According to Shu Uemura’s research, Anti/Oxi+ clears away 91% of pollutants including PM2.5 when we use Anti/Oxi+ at least twice a day!

Known for its removability effectiveness, Anti/Oxi+ clears away long lasting lip/eye makeup even more effectively as compared to the other cleansing oils. Anti/Oxi+ can also be used with wet hands. Previously, the other cleansing oils I have used leaves a filmy feeling after washing off, but this version doesn’t leave that feeling. Skin also doesn’t feel as tight as before after washing.

I love the fragrance most! Thanks to the ingredients such as elemi, mandarin, ginger, lavender, cardamon, geranium and guaiac wood, a refreshing and relaxing fragrance is given off when cleansing. Not only do the ingredients invigorates you it also comforts your senses.

This comes in a hygienic pump and its recommended to use 3-4 pumps of the oil on the entire face for a thorough cleansing experience. You can also give your face a good massage with the oil during cleansing for a therapeutic experience. Most people do not know this but for Shu Uemura Cleansing Oils, you do not need to double cleanse. This serves as a makeup remover and cleanser.  It effectively removes even stubborn mascara so you don’t have to use two separate makeup removers now!

Look out for their extensive range of cleansing oils and other cleansing products if you wish to target other skin concerns.



Removes protein stains and is a gentle natural exfoliator.


Anti pollution and removes pollutants from skin’s surface. This is a magical herb that has incredible purifying power that has a mechanism similar to that of water purification plants. Hence, this ingredient is used to capture and clears away harmful pollutants and oxidative sebum leaving skin cleansed and invigorated.


Known for its anti-oxidant defenses against free radicals, the miraculous powers of green tea to revive health and vitality. This is a potent anti-oxidant.

This product also features the Next Generation Removal System features new blends of 4 botanical origin oils. Our composition solubilises stubborn waxes and oils used in waterproof mascara and long-lasting makeup giving skin a soft and smooth finish. This new formula retains the beloved smooth texture and easy rinsability while improving makeup removability and skin hydration effective at retaining skin moisture.


Next, we have the #KYEFORSHU cosmetics launches. Was given a brow:palette in seal brown/stone gray, sheer color balm for the lips in Hugged in Peach shade and two brow:sword eyebrow pencils in Dark Rose and Dark Violet to try and I love it! I love to receive cosmetics and this did put a smile on my face for sure.

KYE is a Korean fashion designer and even though I didn’t know who she was before, I salute to her fashion sense after researching on her. The packaging she recreates for Shu Uemura is so pretty and meaningful. Apparently each motif she creates represents something significant. For instance, she has a motif of a tiger which represents Korea’s national animal, and she has the lovelock motif which represents a Korean tradition. You would know if you watch K dramas!

The sheer lip balm apparently changes with your original lip tone and becomes a light sheer natural pink tone that goes really well with my skin tone. I love products that magically do such things! Its really cool I must say.

Next, the brow:palette comes with a mirror and one angled brush and applicator which makes on-the-go touch ups fuss free. I like the colours given to me because it matches my hair colour!

The brow pencils. My favourite is Dark Violet because I love dark tones for eyebrows. The darker it is the more i love it. Shaped in a katana format and comes with a sharpener and brush, I think its so travel friendly! The Katana design is their specialty.

#KYEFORSHU collection is already out in stores but Anti/Oxi+ Cleansing Oil is an upcoming launch and will be out soon! Do stay tune, I am sure you won’t be disappointed. xx

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