Patisserie Atelier’s Dessert Table & Unicorn Cake

Thanks to Patisserie Atelier‘s kind sponsorship of a dessert table and two-tiered Unicorn cake, my niece’s one-year old birthday was a success! Thank you Patisserie Atelierfor putting in the time and effort to set this up. My entire family especially my sister was so happy.


Patisserie Atelier planned the entire table setting and even the decorations for the table! Loved how they made sure the whole decor was in accordance to the Unicorn pink and white theme my sister wanted.

Plus, Patisserie Atelier is extremely good in making fondant decorations. Their fondant  decorations are AMAZING. They can create huge rabbits, unicorn horns and rainbows out of fondant ! I believe they can make anything out of fondant  Plus, a dessert table from Patisserie Atelier is so affordable! It costs only $350 whereas other places charge up to $600 even!

Patisserie Atelier are so prompt in their replies, whether via email, private message which I absolutely love. I have met with other caterers that do not reply promptly and it can be a pain. Patisserie Atelier is so patient to my requests too!

With only a month’s notice, I got everything I ever dreamed of for a dessert table all prepared in simply 2-3 hours. Everyone had high praises for Patisserie Atelier ‘s  deliciously decorated 2-tier 5″/8″ cake with flavours choc truffle and earl grey lavender which is good for up to 30pax.

Flavors wise, you can choose from the flavours available which is quite a variety I thought! I am a huge fan of Patisserie Atelier ‘s earl grey lavender flavour!

What I got from the dessert table good enough for 15-20pax:
20x Vanilla Cupcakes with pink unicorn horn 
20x Yuzu Meringue Tartlets 
20x Strawberry Panna Cotta Shots
5″/8″ 2 tier cake in Unicorn design 

Check out their instagram for more pictures of their gorgeous creations! Thank you Patisserie Atelier for this wonderful set up!



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