When was the last time you guys went to Malacca? For me, that was about 4-5 years ago? That was a long time but anyway things have now changed and it looks so much more developed! It has turned from a family vacation favourite to a youths’ hot spot. Thanks to BD Limousine Travel, I went on a 2D1N trip to Malacca just this week! A perfect start to the week I would say. Thankful for Yixin and the whole BD Limousine Travel group for the wonderful short trip.

So, unlike the usual travel packages around where you have to take the overcrowded and uncomfortable coach to the customs and lug all your bags while queueing at the immensely long queue over at customs, would you fancy getting picked up right at your door step and skip the whole queuing up at customs? I sure do and I know many people who would rather opt for this too!

I got picked up right at my door step by the PR person, tour guide and driver. We reached and crossed over to Malaysia in less than 1 hour?  We had a stopover lunch in JB since we were early. Tried the very famous Taman Pelangi beehoon and dishes. The beehoon was so tasty! The coconut water was fabulous! The meal was overall very appetising. It was the best meal of the trip.

We reached Malacca about in 2-3 hours time and immediately checked in to our hotel. The hotel we were staying for this trip was Hatten Hotel. Hatten Hotel is a new 4 star Luxury Hotel in Melaka City Centre. BD Limousine Travel also do tie ups with Estadia hotel. We almost couldn’t bear to leave the room because it was so luxurious. And for shoppers, you would be happy to know H&M, Jurlique and Braun Buffel (Tim Hoe Wan is also in construction) is within the Hotel itself!

The hotel amenities were wonderful. They had a bar, infinity swimming pool, a spa, hair salon and gym.

After resting for a bit, we met up with the rest to head to Pantai Klebang – the place ideal for taking worthy ootd shots! Yixin and I were overwhelmed with the desert-liked venue that had dunes and a beautiful view. This could be the perfect place for wedding shots. We saw a wedding photo shoot about to take place when we were there.

After exploring a bit and taking fun shots, we went back to the hotel restaurant, Chatterz for Steamboat dinner! Even though nearby our hotel, there were tons of famous food places, we decided to settle with Steamboat for the night because it’s such a rare occasion and so much more fun! Indeed, we had so much fun eating steamboat. The food was fresh and so much variety! You get to choose from an endless selection of sauces, meats, noodles, vegetables, desserts and cooked food. This was by far the most impressive variety I have seen of a Steamboat Buffet. At only RM$50, you can try it when you do not want to head out of the hotel.

After dinner, though we were exhausted we decided to try the very infamous trishaw rides. What’s so special about Malacca trishaw rides is that the trishaw drivers spend a lot of effort in decorating their trishaws into very cute rides. Some like to decorate with Hello Kitty, or Mickey Mouse and even Super Man! Yixin and I chose the Hello Kitty one. At RM$25, its something interesting you can try when you are there. Available in the morning too, I would advise morning rides so you can take better pictures.

Even though some of the places we went this time were touristy spots, BD Limousine do bring you to interesting unique spots that not many people know about. Apparently, there is this very cute home stay that looks like the famous Melbourne Blue Boat House. They could bring you if you are interested!

After we went back at night, Yixin and I got rather hungry and the very nice BD Limousine Group actually went to get us some KFC! So very nice of them.

The next morning, it was extremely difficult to get up. I was sinking too deep into the bed. Eventually, I managed to wake up for the buffet breakfast. The buffet breakfast at Chatterz was good! I love the breakfast as it had eggs and dessert stations. The variety was extensive.

Right after breakfast, it was drizzling but we still went over to Jonker street for sightseeing. Thankful we had a rather pro photographer around to help us take pictures! He’s our driver cum photographer too!

After lunch, we went to do more sightseeing. We first went to the floating mosque. It was the MOST BEAUTIFUL mosque I have ever seen before. It reminds me of BALI’s resorts’ and hotels’ wedding chapels to be honest. For females, it is a must to wear the shawls and tudongs given by them to enter. Yixin and I was not very keen hence the tour guide and driver went on our behalf instead. HAHA and they ended up using our camera to take artsy pictures of themselves instead. It was hilarious. Never before have I travelled with such a fun group! Traveling with them is so fun and lighthearted.

We even went to Upside Down house after that. Look at all the fun pictures we took! This resembles Trick Eye Museum.

After all the fun, we went to  eat the famous chicken rice balls. I did remember being a fan of chicken rice balls when I was younger but somehow the balls were a tad too salty for my liking this time. Yixin however loved them! The entire meal was rather expensive though at RM$70+.

We then went to shop around Dataran Pahlawan. The shopping mall was huge and is ONLY  8 minutes walk away from our hotel.

After that, we went to view the Harbour City (Hatten Hotel’s upcoming theme park/hotel project) showroom flat and it finally came to saying goodbye. The driver brought us back to Singapore and we alighted right at our doorstep. This was indeed a memorable trip. I will definitely visit Malacca again and this time I am going to get BD LIMOUSINE TRAVEL as my travel group.


Currently, they are having extensive promotions. Do check out their fab giveaway happening on their Facebook now! They might also be opening up wedding photography slots soon so if you are interested, you might want to check with them.

S$120 per pax (Sun to Thu)

S$155 per pax (Fri & Sat)

Min 4 pax

2 ways Singapore to Malacca

1 Night Hatten Hotel Stay


S$100 per pax (Sun to Thu)

$125 per pax (Fri & Sat)

Min 4 pax

2 ways Singapore to Malacca

1 Night Estadia Hotel stay

Hope this helps! xx


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