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Lately, I’ve been reminiscing upon my younger days whilst I was still pursuing an education, and boy oh boy, do I miss that phase of life! Carefree and with a main focus on simply studying. Time indeed flies and waits for no man at all.

I’ve always been an independent individual all my life, and have never fancied receiving an allowance from my parents even when I was still schooling. Almost every semester break I would take up an internship or a part time job because of two main reasons. Many people belittle the importance of an internship but I strongly believed that having an internship not only looks good on my resume but also gave me a head start in learning to manage my personal finances from a young age, too.

Amongst the various internship jobs which I undertook previously, a few of them include being an event organizer and marketing assistant. Apart from the monetary remuneration, I have also gained much insight into the real world from such work experiences, so to say, which in turn, has allowed me to become more ‘street smart’ as opposed to being solely ‘book smart’. I feel this has benefited me a great deal even till today, and I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am currently without going through such experiences.

As such, to my younger readers and followers out there, my advice to you is to start cultivating a working habit when you are young. If you’re afraid your studies might be affected, perhaps try considering looking up an internship in Singapore for a few months during your semester break! Fret not, for there is a vast array of such job opportunities available and I’m sure there’ll be no issues finding a job you will fancy and have a great time working as!

Oh, and since I’m on this topic about Singapore internship jobs, just thought I’d share a good platform for sourcing for such opportunities as well. I find Stroff.com to be an easy to use and very concise platform for sourcing internship work opportunities in Singapore; after all, good things are meant to be shared!

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Look at the hundreds of awesome internship Singapore opportunities waiting for you!

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Hope you guys find the site as useful as I did! Xx.

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