Looking for a pleasant surprise for the boy? Check out Jermyn Street.

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Jermyn Street a premium male grooming outfit from London. You can check them out here http://www.jermynstreet.com.sg/.

Inspired by the rich grooming heritage of Jermyn Street, London – a mecca for gentlemen of distinction for hundreds of years.

Today, one can still enjoy a trim and shave in a traditional setting; purchase pomades, fragrances and other masculine preparations; cut a dash with bespoke tailoring and hand-made shoes; select tie clips, cuff links and other accessories crafted by artisans and even stock-up on the finest provisions for a sumptuous hamper (exquisite cheese, wine, cigars…)

Jermyn Street, Singapore, embodies the very spirit of this renowned address. A high-end barber with the ambience of an exclusive gentleman’s club, it offers patrons a distinctive twist on tradition with a dash of dandy – whether in the décor, services or experience provided.

The concept celebrates men today who care passionately about grooming and style, with a nod to Wilde, Brummell and other dapper chaps throughout history.  There are many barbers in Singapore, but only one Jermyn Street.

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Like any premium salons, there are a variety of services to choose from. The boy went ahead for ‘The Stately Prince’ service, which is worth $75 and includes a consultation, shampoo, condition, haircut / restyle, hot towl neck shave and finish.



The boy was in awe of the service. It was the first time he had been to a barber so it was all very new to him. The experience was pleasant thankfully! He couldn’t stop praising the place and cut after we left.

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Some of the things we liked about the place:

1. The place was very nicely done up. It had this Kingsman feel to it.

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2. The barber Jo was very friendly and skillful. He was able to do the fading very well.

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3. There was a bar counter where they served several types of beverages for the customers, which is a good thing when ladies are waiting for their partners.


4. I liked the way there is a consultation before the haircut to find out what is the customers’ preferences and dos & don’ts.


If you like the products they use on your hair, you can also purchase them on their website.

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They currently have a ‘Gold & Silver Membership’ programmes


$330 for 12 months allows gentlemen to enjoy 15% off barbering services and 30% off beauty services and a free drink of choice during each visit.


$200 for 6 months gives you 10% discount off barbering services and 25% off beauty services.



Opening hours: Mon to Fri 11am to 9pm, Sat 10am to 8pm, Closed on SUNDAYS

Address: 108 Amoy Street Singapore 069928

Tel: 62204010

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