GOODAL Moisture Barrier Range


Goodal, the latest skincare brand to be launched in Korea is the first ever skincare line to that is based on raw seed fermentation from seven select seeds from the Amazon rainforest. The benefits of raw seed fermentation include increased production of beneficial substances, deeper levels of skin penetration, and higher levels of detoxification.

Some of the star products to look out for include the Oil To Foam Cleanser, Super Seed Oil Plus Skin Mist, and Silky Plus Soothing Gel Cream.

If you feel that skin is still dry and dehydrated despite frequent applications of moisturizers, this may mean that your skin barrier is damaged.

Goodal is introducing its latest Moisture Barrier Range consisting of four different skincare essentials designed to repair the moisture barrier to keep skin plump and hydrated. The range is formulated with two main ingredients – Mistletoe Moisture Barrier Complex, that repairs the barrier and Mt. Seorak Water, which replenishes moisture in the skin to allow for a radiant complexion providing a defense against moisture loss by maintaining skin’s moisture barrier while actively hydrating the skin.


Mt Seorak Water
Found from the depths of 580m underground of Mt. Seorak, the 100% natural spring water contains 16 minerals including sodium, calcium and potassium that are known for their abilities to effectively moisturize the skin. These minerals assist in the process of effectively binding water with dehydrated skin cells and replenishes the skin’s moisture level for a radiant and well-hydrated skin.

Mistletoe Moisture Complex Barrier
Able to bear fruit in below zero temperatures, the mistletoe plant is known for their strong endurance properties. This vitality is due to the presence of lectin (a type of protein found in plants), which promotes the secretion of cytokine, a category of smaller proteins which has been clinically proven to maintain skin homeostasis, an important process for skin renewal. Studies have shown that cytokines increases cell production and accelerates renewal of skin cells, making it suitable for use on damaged skin barriers.




An innovative “peeling” exfoliator that uses gentle and hydrating ingredients to remove dead skin cells. Watch the creamy serum transform into a foamy exfoliator. Salicyclic acid exfoliates your pores and removes excess oil, green tea extracts brighten and yerba mate leaves your skin is left feeling soft and hydrated.

Removing dead skin cells results in a brighter complexion, promotes blood circulation and allows your skin to absorb skincare products better. It also helps remove oil and debris that can lead to breakouts.

For all skin types.


Apply after the double cleanse, avoiding the eye and lip area. The product will foam naturally after application. As it foams, use fingers to massage gently in upward circular motions throughout face. Rinse off with lukewarm water and pat dry. Use once or twice a week. – See more at:



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I like the Goodal Phytowash a lot!

This peeling exfoliator provides gentle peeling but at the same time hydrates the skin appropriately. The creamy serum transforms into a foamy exfoliator after some time.  I like that my skin looks cleaner and yet feels more moisturised after. It also helps remove oil and debris that can lead to breakouts.


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