Food Review – Potato Head Folk

Happy Monday guys! 

Hope this monday isn’t that blue after all.

I guess most of you have already heard of the new hipster bar in town. Brought over to Singapore by the original bosses of Potato Head, this is certainly worth a visit.

On a sunny sunday afternoon, there were actually quite a lot of people! The interior was stunning and quirky. My boyfriend thought it resembled a circus! I liked how whimsical the place looked. 

I didn’t quite enjoyed the menu though as I thought the variety of beverages was quite limited. If you are a non-alcoholic, you might find yourself drinking only water which can be quite sad. Despite the limited number of items on the menu, the snacks were really good. We had naughty fries, wings and a  Baby Huey burger. 

The naughty fries were the star of the meal. We thoroughly enjoyed the fries and the sauce they used. 

The wings were also fantastic but we got quite sick of it after awhile because of the sauce.

The burger looked rather disappointing at first but the taste was great! Though I am not a fan of beef, this burger had me reaching at it for a second bite. 

After brunch, we went up to take a look as we heard there was a rooftop bar on top. On the way up, we couldn’t resist and ended up taking pictures haha.

And as usual, we went around the building after to take some OOTD pictures. 


BAG: Chanel

NAME: Potato Head Folk

ADDRESS: 36 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089143

CONTACT: +65 6327 1939

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