Food Review – Dinner at Equinox

Hi Lovelies!

This week has been so far so good! Today is Hari Raya and thus a public holiday for both baby and I! We managed to explore around Singapore these few days and it was awesome. I love that till today, despite it being the third year we have been together, we still have so much to know and explore about one another. 

To celebrate our 3rd year anniversary, He brought me to one of the nicest restaurants in Singapore. It was a great experience for me and it is also the first time we have ever been to Equinox.

He was really sweet and got me sunflowers on our anniversary and had them delivered to my house early in the morning. I was really surprised as it is not always I get to receive gifts from him. He’s really sweet to me but not in the gifts and romantic area haha. 

So as usual, he took a few pics for me and they all turned out great perhaps because I was in a fantastic mood. 

Off we went to Equinox after, it was such an amazing experience for us both! We ordered so much, we were so full. I shall let the pictures do the rest of the talking. 

 Compliments from the chef

Lobster, Corn Chowder, Ripped Croutons, Chipotle Cream
Thank god we had two of these! The soup was very tasty and was quite a show as we saw the waiter poured the liquid as the finishing touch right in front of our eyes. The bread were also quite good. I liked that the bread was always kept fresh from the kitchen.

Seared Foie Gras, Honey and Five Spice Roasted Mango, and Gingerbread.
The kind waiter had suggested us to try the gingerbread snap, mango and foie gras all at once, but we found eating them individually tasted better. The taste of the mango hid the taste of the foie gras when we had them together.

Roasted Salmon, Seared Scallops, Artichoke Barigoule, Truffle. The portion was really huge for me and I am considered a glutton.

360g Rib Eye with Black Truffle Butter and Duck Fat Fries. It was amazing but huge. This is the first steak where my boyfriend had such a hard time finishing it that he actually complained it was too much! 

Tasting Platter for desserts. By the time we had our dessert, we were already so full but nevertheless, it is a must for us to try the desserts everywhere we go being such huge dessertarians. This did not disappoint.

Total bill came up to about S$480++. Overall, this was a really great experience. I will definitely return for their brunch soon. 

So thats all guys! Thank you for reading and hope you guys enjoyed this post!



Name: Equinox
Address: Swissotel, The Stamford

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