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Welcome back to this humble space of mine. 

Went for lunch this afternoon to celebrate a girlfriend’s belated birthday. As usual we were both late for our date and met 30 minutes after the scheduled timing. I had wanted to bring this girl to OTTO Locanda but their lunch was only till 2pm which is impossible for us. We met close to 1:40pm.

So we settled at Becasse, Dempsey instead as I thought the place looked not bad from the pictures. I have been to the Ion’s outlet a couple of times and thought the ambience was so-so. The restaurant had great dishes and beverages but the ambience was a killer. The staff at Ion were not very pleasant as well. One of the staff actually sighed so loudly when we asked her to help us take a picture. The staff at the Dempsey outlet were much better. 

I secretly left the table to ask a staff to surprise my friend by placing a candle on the waffle my girlfriend ordered but to my horror, she forgot to do so and I had to go to another staff to ask him to do it for me. This was rather awkward for both myself and my friend! However the waitress apologised after so thats cool. 

The food was as expected, better than the norm. I persuaded my girlfriend to order the salted caramel and toffee popcorn macaron milkshake as it was so good. As I had that before, I decided to try out something new and chose their tea with basil leaves and strawberries.

The pan seared foie gras was beautifully done too. Complimentary bread was served as an accompaniment.

The salted caramel tart was however, disappointing. I had previously read reviews elsewhere that the caramel was supposed to be liquidity and flowing just like how a molten lava cake should be but here, the tart was so stiff. There was certainly no such thing as liquidity flowing salted caramel sauce at all. The waffle was alright, nothing special.

After the meal, as normal girlfriends would, we walked around town area and shopped for skincare products. I love that with this girlfriend of mine, we can go on endlessly about the facial products we both use and as our skin is of the same type, we relate to one another better.

Thank you for reading guys and please stay tune to more upcoming posts!



NAME: Becasse
ADDRESS: Blk 10, #01-21 Dempsey Hill
CONTACT: +6564798119

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