Eyelash Extensions at Peony Tokyo Nail Salon & Academy

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I have a question, have you ever done eyelash extensions but swore never to do it again? I have felt like this way too many times that I thought of giving up on putting eyelash extensions. I have always wondered why some girls dig eyelash extensions because from what I remembered, I thought it sting-ed really bad during the application, was rather prickly and did not look natural. Thanks to sweetie pie Miyake, who introduced me to Peony Tokyo Nail Academy & Salon, I have now changed my perspective towards eyelash extensions. Thank you Miyake and Rika from Peony Tokyo Nail Academy & Salon!

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Using only carefully selected, top-quality products in all the services, this quaint and cosy Japanese salon makes me feel right at home. You can do your nails and eyelash extension all at once here. I like how it is away from the bustling city.

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1. Unlike most salons out there, Peony uses the softest hairs, apparently the type of lashes they use are sable lashes. Softer and lighter compare to mink and silk. It is also natural looking and very gentle for your natural lashes.


2. You can now achieve beautiful natural lashes with a Japanese certified eyelist at Peony today! Yuko chan (my eyelist) was very sweet and gentle with my lashes. She tries not to tug and pull my lashes.


3. Lashes are applied individually, using fine tweezers, carefully applying only one extension lash on one natural lash each time. This is because applying two or more extensions on one natural lash can cause dropping of your natural lash because of the extension lash weight. Also, if more than one natural lash is sticked together with extension, it might cause pain because every lash grows at different speed.

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4.  Their eye list takes extra care and does not apply extension on new born and thin lashes, as these lashes cannot withstand extension lash weight and may cause natural lashes to drop.

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5.  The main difference and my favourite thing about Peony is that I was given a thorough consultation on the type of lashes I want. They took care of all my needs and wants by going into the length and style of the lashes I would like to have. I chose STYLE: sexy baby, LENGTH: 9, Curl: C curl and TYPE: NATURAL (120 Lashes).

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6. A 5 minute walk away from Dhoby Ghaut MRT station, it is such a convenient location!



You can check out their menu and pricing HERE.




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Enjoy 40% OFF Eyelash extension for 1st time visit customer!


ADD: 103 Penang Rd Singapore 238467

TEL: 82238706

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