Evolve Hair Salon Review


Went over to Evolve Hair Salon the other day and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the salon. The staff there were all very friendly and sociable. Managed to meet with the director, Ken. He explained to me the procedures and what is recommended for my hair.


With professional hairstylists in place and good direction given by the director Ken, I really enjoyed the experience. They were able to recreate the haircolor I wanted. As I was pretty bored with the streaks of blonde, I wanted a one colour tone for the hair as it would look better in pictures. Eugene, my hairstylist kindly explained to me and addressed my concerns. He told me that as I have previously bleached some parts of my hair, it was impossible to achieve a one colour tone for the whole head but he reassured me he would try his best and separate the dying process so both colours would not have such a contrasting difference.

I love the entire concept of the place. The layout was fresh, clean and had a very artistic concept. The chairs were really spacious and comfy! I could sit in them all day. There were also tables to place your items on.

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The entire process was not fast but then I felt that time passed really quickly. The entire procedure took about 6 hours. I was there since 2pm till 8pm. Eugene did warned me beforehand it would take this long as he had to separate the dying process. Eugene however was very attentive during the entire process and also explained to me throughout why he was doing this and that.






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He then gave me loose curls as I did not like those very big and strong curls. Met up with my friends for dinner and they were all praising my new bed of hair! All in all, it was a wonderful treat for my hair!




Address:177 River Valley Road, Liang Court Complex, #02-09, Singapore 179030

Tel: (65) 6336 1358


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