Dejavu Paint-On False Lashes

Recently had the opportunity to head down to Dejavu launch of Paint-on False Lashes and got to try out this product!


I am already a user of Dejavu prior to the event and coincidentally, this is the first brand of mascara I used. Even though most people have never heard of Dejavu, I have actually heard of it since 7 years back when I was starting to explore more on makeup. Dejavu was then very popular in Japanese magazines, VIVI and other magazines would always feature their products mainly due to its affordability.

Always providing one of the best mascaras, their new launch, Paint On False Lashes promises to lengthen lashes and doesn’t cause panda eyes. You can also remove the mascara with just warm water. Tried it on my hands and it works!

This is due to the strong linkage of the film which Dejavu R&D team had uncovered. Paint-on False Lashes keep your lashes curled upward all day long.

Dejavu Fiberwig Ultra Long


Perfect for lengthening purposes, use this together with Lash Knockout Extra Volume for lashes like falsies.

Dejavu Lash Knockout Extra Volume


Perfect for voluminising purposes, use this together with Fiberwig Ultra Long for lashes like falsies.

Dejavu Lasting-fine S Pencil


Smooth and easy to draw, it defines the eyes without looking unnatural. It is also long lasting due to the adhesive silicone fixative coating.

Dejavu Lasting-fine S Felt Liquid


Repels oil, sweat, tears and even friction but easy removal with warm water.

Dejavu Lasting-fine S Brush Pen Liquid


Repels oil, sweat, tears and even friction but easy removal with warm water.

So if you are looking for affordable eye makeup tools, look no further than Dejavu. Available in SASA and Watsons.

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