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Managed to grab some of Clarin’s popular products from Cheryl, Clarins PR manager and am really excited to be able to try them out! Thank you Cheryl and Clarins for the love!


So…out of the 4 products given to me, my favourites are Clarin’s Shaping Facial Lift and Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil but I like the other 2 products as well!

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Most of the products from what I heard from Cheryl, require proper massage techniques in order for them to work. For the massage techniques you can find them off the site or even from the instructions inside the packaging box.



Developed by Clarins Research, the new Total V Contouring Power with 3 key actions: “anti-Fat”, “anti-fluid” and “anti-suger”, combines three plant extracts: guarana extract, zerumbet ginger and kaki extracts. This complex is added to caffeine, a leading lipolytic active ingredient.
Its powerful contouring action involves the release of excess fats on the face, the draining of excess fluids and tighten of the skin.


This product not only smells nice but works well too! According to Clarins, this is their best seller for many years already. People just keep coming back to purchase! I have friends that have used the product before but was disappointed but from what i understand it is probably because they did not know how to apply and have applied wrongly.

I like that this product helps in drainage of water retention and also in tightening the jowls. I could feel the tingling sensation when applied which makes me believe it is somehow working.


Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil contains 100% pure plant extracts and no preservatives that tone the skin and give it back its natural radiance, while upping the moisture levels too. Immediately absorbed, this oil contains essential oils of Rosewood, Blue Orchid and Patchouli that help deliver moisture to ensure soft, supple skin. Hazelnut Oil helps prevent moisture loss and the formation of fine lines.



1. Apply the Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil at night to face and neck to revitalise dehydrated skin and promote a youthful, radiant complexion on waking

2. Gently dab face with a soft tissue to remove any excess product
3. Can be used either alone after toning, mixed with your night cream or combined with a mask for optimal results


I like to use this product on my face twice a week before I sleep without any moisturising creams after or before because this oil sufficiently rebalances your ph levels keeping it hydrated and moisturised. It kind of acts like a sleep on mask too! Hence it is called a treatment. Most people hate using oils but contrary to what most believe, I find oils to be good for oily skin because there are good and bad oils around. This oil feels light and absorbs well into the skin which is good for combination skin like mine.



This tinted UV PLUS ANTI-POLLUTION protector is a Clarins multi-protection treatment developed specifically to keep Asian skin beautiful thanks to its formula rich in plant extracts delivered in an unbelievably clear and light cream. It is the first line of defence in protecting the skin and keeping it looking young, fresh and radiant.


I like this tinted moisturiser because it is so liquidy and light. It absorbs fast into the skin and doesn’t leave an awkward white film. The pinkish tone also helps to whiten and freshen up the skin tone keeping it healthy looking.



The essential first step to achieving a firm, youthful-looking body. This refreshing exfoliating treatment—with smoothing Natural Bamboo Powders—casts-off rough, flaky surface cells and impurities, giving body skin a sleek new start. Extracts of Mimosa and Shea caress skin with a delicate veil of softness. Preps skin for the treatments that follows.



Massage onto dry or damp skin 1-2 times per week (including the bust area and concentrating on rough areas such as elbows, knees, feet and thighs). Rinse thoroughly.

Unlike most exfoliators, this exfoliator feels so light on the skin and is not harsh at all! I love the smell and also how it makes my skin so baby soft afterwards. This is one of my favourite exfoliators.

So…this was a wonderful journey with Clarins! I love all the products and am contemplating whether to get their neck cream. Even my boyfriend is a fan of Clarins and am using their facial wash. Thank you Clarins for introducing me to these 4 amazing products, am so excited to try out the whole range now.


Thank you for reading!




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