There are five shades in the range, each consisting of 2 colors of blush with wider blocks of a lighter and deeper tone at opposite ends that alternate into thinner stripes of color reaching the middle, a beautiful and unique pattern inspired by a Marc Jacobs dress design. The lighter and deeper tones can be used separately to customize your color or blended together.

500 Lush & Libido: a cool baby pink and cool hot pink

502: Lines & Last Night: soft creamsicle and tangerine

504 Kink & Kisses: a pale petal rose and a bright coral pink

506 Flesh & Fantasy: an ivory shimmer and a tawny light bronze

508 Night Fever & Hot Stuff: a bright warm pink and a light cherry plum

I like to use my blush by blending both shades together, sweeping my brush back and forth over the surface. The color looks very natural on the skin, providing a radiant finish and a soft-looking glow, without emphasizing pores.

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