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So…most of you would notice my url has changed. I am currently MYFATPOCKET resident blogger and this is my first post as their blogger.

Nothing much has changed except for the fact, I have another commitment now which is good!

So about two weeks back, I was invited to Laneige Collagen Drink launch, and it was great meeting more like-minded beauty bloggers. We were each given a month’s supply of collagen drinks, 1 bottle of DIY scrub, and 1 Clear C Advanced Effector. I will be sure to return with a more detailed review of the products after trying out for at least a month. I am currently using these products in my daily skincare routine.

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Their DIY scrub station. You can choose between orange or pomegranate oil. Majority chose orange because it smelled fresher and stronger. The scrub can last up to 2 weeks if kept in the fridge. Laneige was so sweet to even prepare personalised caps with our names on it.

dsc01477 dsc01480 dsc01487 dsc01488

During the event, we were introduced to their upcoming collagen drink which will be launch in March this year. Unlike many other brands I have tried (Fancl, Meiji just to name a few), this is by far the tastiest which also has the least calories. It tasted just like grape vitagen to me. If the taste is unbearable, you may add it into juices (tried it with orange juice and it tasted real good). Also, judging from the first 2 weeks of drinking consecutively, I felt my scars did lightened (however, this is only a review after using 2 weeks so the results are not final yet, will update later).

Only at 5000mg, Laneige has claimed this is sufficient for women and what matters most is quality not quantity. I find this very true because I had to consume many bottles of fancl before seeing a tiny effect. I also noticed a significant plumping of my skin after drinking fancl’s. I became rounder unfortunately. :/


Besides the collagen drink and advanced Clear C advanced effector, we were also introduced to Laneige’s new collection of two-tone lipsticks. It promises to give you glossy and gradient lips effortlessly. I managed to achieve those pretty kpop gradient lips in just one swipe!

dsc01512 dsc01533

So overall, this event was a very successful one and rather fun! Will be back with a full review of the Clear C Advanced Effector and Collagen Drinks after a month!

Wearing Love, Bonito for top and bottom. Zalora’s label for heels.

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