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Taobao Women’s Day Sale from 7-9 March 2018!

In conjunction with Women’s Day, Taobao is having a Women’s Day sale this 7 to 9 March 2018! Stay tune to the end of the post for a special promotion! I recently got to try some skincare beauty tools from one of their merchants, Momoup and boy am I in love. These skincare tools are must-haves for anyone who hates wastage of products and loves to travel. They have a wide range of beauty tools available however as I do not want this post to be too draggy and the some products are really quite straightforward, I shall just share with you a few star favourites.

First up, would be the travel friendly box of Syringe Cosmetic Tubes. Perfect for traveling, the box comes equipped with four individual tubes.

comes with four individual syringes!

Tried and tested, they are leak proof, reusable and best of all compact and portable. How to use? Check out my usage directions below:

Step 1 – Remove leak-proof silicon cap
Step 2 – Place syringe directly into the bottle and pull the plunger gently to extract the product. For slimmer or longer bottles, attach needle tip to syringe
Step 3 – Turn plunger in anti-clockwise direction to detach it and fasten the syringe by attaching the silicon cap

Step 4 – After usage, clean the syringe with the brush provided

This beauty tool is suitable for storing serum, toner, moisturiser and liquid foundation.

The next interesting beauty tool would be the Foaming Bottle with Massaging Brush.

This beauty tool comes with a soft foaming brush applicator that helps to massage the skin, removes impurities and cleanses pores.

The brush can also be removed easily for cleaning and comes with a lock to prevent leakage during travel. Quick tip: only use cleanser which is soluble for best foaming effect to prevent blockage of the pump.

Follow below for the usage directions:

Step 1 – Pour Cleanser into bottle
Step 2 – Pour water into bottle; water to cleanser ratio should be 2:1. Make sure to leave ample space for mixing
Step 3 – Mix the solution thoroughly by gently shaking the bottle. Press the pump to release foam
Step 4 – Massage your face with the silicon brush in upward circular motion

Last but not least, there’s the Makeup Brush Dry Clean Sponge!

Makeup enthusiasts would know how troublesome it is to clean and dry brushes. The process of cleaning brushes is quite a time-waster. This product makes cleaning brushes a breeze as it is effective and requires no drying time!

The cover is made of tin, which is durable and protects the sponges. I love that its compact design is great for travelling. Each set comes with 2 sets of sponges.

Black portion is made of activated carbon filter sponge for easy cleaning and removing of unwanted residue while the white portion can be used to tidy the brush.

Find out the usage directions below:

Step 1 – No water or cleaning agent required
Step 2 – Simply swipe the brush against the black sponge 3 to 5 times
See! It really cleans. All the residue is left on the sponge.
Step 3 – Tidy the brush using the white sponge

Of course, these are not the only products Momoup has! They have other beauty tools available which I have not mentioned. Usage is pretty straightforward hence I did not elaborate much on them.

Visit HERE for more great deals and remember to stay tune to their GREAT Taobao Women’s Day sale this 7-9 March 2018! 女王 Special: from 7th – 9th March 2018 get 5%, 10% or 25% off when you buy 3,5 or 7 momoup products respectively. So hurry!

Thank you for reading 🙂 I hope this helps!

Spread the Christmas Joy with OSIM Gift Sets from $68!

It is less than 3 weeks before Christmas and have you done your shopping yet? If you haven’t, it is never too late but I think you need to start ASAP! Being the very “Kiasu” type, I have already prepared my gifts and do you wonder where I got them from? I am proud to say I got them at a steal over at OSIM!

uLove XMAS17_R04

Why not give the gift of health to your loved ones this year to show that you care? Do you know OSIM’s Gift Sets starts from $68 – 2 for $68, $98 and $168? I believe there’s bound to be something for anyone and everyone!

XMAS17 SET $68 B

The affordable prices make these gifts suitable for anybody and everybody or for those who want to impress with premium gifts on not-so- premium budget.

XMAS17 SET $98 B

With 3 bundle gift sets to choose from, you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone – get 2 gifts of your choice for the price of 1. You could gift one to yourself and the other could be given to a colleague during secret santa office gatherings!

XMAS17 SET $168 B

For my dad, I would probably go with the $68 gift bundle that has both the  uSnooz Neck Pillow & uMask Eye Massager. He travels often and like to nap on the couch, I thought these gifts would be perfect for him! The uSnooz Neck Pillow would be a nice gift for my dad as he always complains of having a stiff neck while the  uMask Eye Massager can help to relax his tired eyes since he is always looking at documents or on the road for hours.

OS9100 uSnooz Neck Pillow(B2)

OS141 uMask(HR)

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 10.18.26 PM

As for my mom, I would go with these picks from the $98 bundle – uSnooz Massage Wrap & uVision Eye Massager as she’s always staring at accounting data or at the TV screen. I believe she would love some pampering while watching the TV or working.

OS9101 uSnoozMassageWrap_B_NewLogo OS3110 uVision_HR

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 10.19.09 PM

I would gift my sister, who has recently started her own family the uMist Dream Humidifier & uPure 2 Water Purifier from the $168 bundle as I believe, you are what you breathe and drink. I would love my nieces to have clean, purified water and air as its better for them growing up and I could grant them with better sleep, healthier skin and fresher water with this divine combo. Good for detox while you intox. I even doubled it up as Christmas and housewarming gifts. uMist Dream would be a good baby shower and christmas gift as it allows babies to sleep better while uPure 2 would be good for those who usually drink from the tap.

OS635 uMist Dream_HR OS620 uPure 2

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 10.19.40 PM

For my grandparents, I thought I would gift them the uStiletto Leg Massager and uJolly Full Back Massager as they are always suffering from aching back and legs.

uJolly_R04 uStiletto_R04

You might want to check out their special bundle deals for this combo here.

Apart from my beloved family, of course i am not leaving out my dear girlfriends and colleagues! Remember the NEW OSIM uScalp salon-style scalp massager and OSIM uGem 2 handy beauty massager that I recently raved about? Well, there’s nothing better than helping your vain friends bring out that sculpted v-shaped face and gorgeous crowning glory they have been wishing for.



Other than my family and friends, who else am I missing? I guess I can always gift myself since it is Christmas right? I sleep with the air-con at night, so my skin feels very dry.. that’s the reason why I got myself the OSIM uMist Dream Humidifier, say hello to cleaner air J Since I travel quite often for work, I got my hands on the OSIM uSnooz Neck Massage Wrap as well, to ease those nasty neck aches during the long flights.


comes in a portable bag too!











OS635 uMist Dream_HR OS9101 uSnoozMassageWrap_B_NewLogo

Bring your loved ones to the nearest OSIM outlet to select their favourite gifts, or better still, you can now order OSIM products online and surprise them when they received the gifts that are delivered to them!


uDiva Classic_529452322


Check out the Christmas bundles here or below.

Christmas Exclusive

XMAS17 SET $168 B

XMAS17 SET $98 B

XMAS17 SET $68 B

Wait no further! From now till 31 Dec 2017, check out OSIM collection of Christmas Gifts from 2 products for $68! Give the gift of health this Christmas! Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a thoughtful gift for your friends and family. Available at all OSIM Stores, Roadshows or Online Webshop at

Follow @OSIM_SG on Instagram & OSIM SG Facebook Page for news and exciting giveaways this Christmas!


Hop over to my IG and tell me which is your favourite product from the $68 OSIM Mix & Match Gift Set, and 1 lucky winner stand to WIN it home! Contest ends 17 Dec.


Travel Journey With SG BusLeh App!

As we all know, the MRT’s are not very reliable due to the breakdowns and now most Singaporeans like myself are relying more on buses which is why SGBusLeh app comes in handy!

image credits:

I believe for most singaporeans we have more or less ran after a bus before and of course that includes myself! Previously when I used to take the bus to work, I would either miss the bus, or have to wait for a long time before the buses arrive and worse, I remember chasing after buses!

image credits:

Good news for those who hate chasing, missing or waiting for buses as the SG BusLeh app is here to rid us of the agony.

double deck or bendy

Developed by local mobile app development consultancy, Originally US, who’s one of the top mobile app developer in Singapore which specializes in designing and developing amazing mobile apps that look and feel great, this app is going to be one of the highly used apps I believe!

Firstly, it is Free Of Charge (FOC) so it doesn’t keep you from downloading it for free and trying it out to see if it works for you.

Photo 21-12-17, 7 11 16 PM

You don’t have to sign up an account to use it which I like because most apps these days require you to sign up before you can start using the app.

And not to mention the app really stands out when I am using my phone because the app is RED in color.

Very clear labelling of bus stops so you know exactly which bus stop are they referring to and which bus stop are you at. You will never need to ask strangers awkwardly which bus you got to take to arrive at your destinations.

Photo 21-12-17, 7 04 04 PM

It tells you which buses each bus stop has, the exact waiting time of each bus and which buses are handicap friendly. It also indicates if the arriving buses are double deck or bendy plus, LOST? You can search for nearby buses and bus stops.

Photo 21-12-17, 7 03 56 PM

It brings on the singlish jokes while you can ‘stalk’ physical location of upcoming buses on a map (instead of relying on just bus timing).

stalk bus

You can search for buses by the place, bus stops or best, bus numbers!

Photo 21-12-17, 7 10 33 PM

And who doesn’t like freebies? Get freebies under their ‘LOBANG’ tab.

Photo 21-12-17, 7 09 46 PM

Oh and you can tap your EZ-Link card to check balance using SG BusLeh (on supported devices) so you no longer need to awkwardly  exchange coins with strangers to take the buses.

ezlink feature

If you are on a bus, Busleh can notify you when your are arriving at your destination stop so you can inform your friends of your Estimated Time Of Arrival (ETA).

alight notification

You can also favoritise your buses according to the frequent buses you take

Photo 21-12-17, 7 09 55 PM

singlish example

Last but not least, they have SMRT train timings too so that you can organize your trip better if you need to change to trains during your journey. Oh and even better for NTU & NUS students because they have your internal bus timings available too but sadly it is currently ONLY available on Android. Hopefully they release it on iPhones soon!

Honestly everyone should get this app because it is useful for commuters like us who hate running after buses. You can download this amazing app over at google play store or Apple store!

IUIGA – A Lifestyle Brand That Celebrates Quality Living

Moving forward to the next chapter in life soon, I am always on the lookout for quality lifestyle products that I can incorporate in my home, or when travel. I used to shop at brick and mortar shops but the thing is, you will need to bring them back home which can be a hassle when you don’t have much space in the car or even take public transport. Everything changed when I chanced upon IUIGA!

IUIGA is a lifestyle brand that celebrates quality living. They aim to deliver quality products without traditional mark-ups. Why pay so much for quality? In traditional retail, a product is marked up 8 to 15 times by the time it reaches you. The product goes through a long process of at least 10 to 20 layers from manufacturers to distribution and finally to the end consumer. The IUIGA team scoured the world to find the best raw materials and manufacturers to offer a wide range of well-designed, functional everyday items at absolutely transparent prices.

The vision is to reveal the true cost of quality and make quality universally accessible so that you can create a better everyday life at home.

You can find out more about us from our app on the Apple app store and Android play store. We have just recently soft launched our website as well


What I got off the website with just $300 was 2 luggages, one cabin size and another for check in. I also got a sock organiser because I have a silly habit of losing them. The luggages are made from the same manufacturer as Samsonite so you can rest assured on the quality. The sock organiser is so affordable and is the best thing I got off the site I believe because now my helper doesn’t have a problem with finding space to place my socks and there’s no excuses for me not to find them too!

The luggages are really very affordable. I have a thing for luggages because I travel very often and sometimes on budget airlines, you notice your luggages damaging more often than ever because the service crew just throw your luggage. These luggages are so hardy and affordable yet pretty. I feel so good purchasing them. Check out the luggages I got! Go check them out at their website now.



5D4N Taiwan Itinerary

Recently went over to Taiwan and visited the two main cities – Taipei and Taichung. They were beautiful and really interesting. I had so much fun there! I will be introducing you to some of the hot spots great for taking photos and food. To make it easier for you guys, I have split up my itinerary to Taipei and Taichung.



I like the street cafes and cool vibe I get here. There are many youngsters and hippies surrounding the area. You also get a fantastic night life over here when you are bored at night and do not wish to hit the overrated night markets or clubs.

I actually caught a movie here too because I had many days to spend in Taipei. Expect Cinemas, cute shops and interesting local delicacies and snacks here.

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

If you are up for some history, here’s the place to go. I like the majestic structure of the building. As the building is white, you can lots of photos here. 


Shifen Old Street and Jiufen

I like railway stations because they remind me of Japan. I like how rustic this place is. I even got a lantern when I was here. The lantern is something everyone does when they visit Taiwan.


Strawberry Picking

I really love strawberries so when I heard there’s strawberries to pick, I was super excited. This was actually along the way while heading to Qing Jing. I had so much fun and this was one of the best thing in the itinerary.

Qing Jing

This is a must-visit tourist spot. I love how quiet this place is. You even get to watch a sheep show and snap a close up with the sheeps. I even got to feed a few sheeps! Its rather difficult to steal a solo shot with the sheeps though as its super crowded.

Fengjia Night Market

Okay, most night markets are proably the same but what stands out is there’s cute cotton candy designs here!!! I did not see this in other night markets hence when I saw this on my friend’s instagram page, I knew I had to go here.

As an influencer, its very important to have reliable high speed data on the go as I have to post pictures daily. The other time when I went over to Bangkok I had such bad data and was forced to cancel or delay many of my jobs. After that painful lesson, I decided it was necessary to get reliable data from then onwards. If you are interested to know, I actually used Far Eastone Prepaid SIM card the last time I went over to Taiwan. They are amongst the top 3 telco companies in Taiwan!

Far Eastone SIM card is lower in price, higher in speed and provides good connection in rural areas.

Right now, they are having a promotion! Exclusive and lowest price can be found in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Far Eastone Branch.

Please refer below for the tutorial of prepaid sim card setting, activation, and deposit.


Anyway, just a little something for you guys heading over to Taiwan! REDEEM 1 DAY FREE INTERNET in TAIWAN when you purchase Far Eastone SIM card during your visit to Taiwan! Dial 777 and enter the pin code to get one free day deposit value.

Head to my Instagram post to find out how you can win in my Far Eastone giveaway! For more info, visit



I am pretty sure most Singaporeans would agree, when it comes to shopping and dining around the world, the first country that pops up in your mind is Bangkok, Thailand. This is of course the same for me too! I go to Thailand at least three times a year and this is the second time I have been to Bangkok in a year.

For those who enjoy going to Bangkok or other parts of Thailand, you are in for a special treat. AirAsia is offering specially priced fares on tickets to Thailand and even better, they have partnered with Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) alliances like departmental stores and restaurants where AirAsia Boarding Passes can be used for discounts and other privileges. The reason for this treat is that they hope travelers will enjoy their time shopping and dining in Thailand even more (now isn’t this a good reason for us to shop and dine even more?)

This year, AirAsia joins hands with TAT to organise Thailand Shopping & Dining Paradise to attract tourists from Vietnam, Hong Kong and Singapore to visit Thailand during the Green Season. They are holding the ‘The Top Shopper’ competition  to highlight their premier shopping destinations. The winning team will receive free air tickets from AirAsia for use on any route within 1 year along with 100,000 THB (now isn’t this exciting).

So along with 4 other bloggers, I was there to support our Singapore team consisting of Roz Pho, Cinddie, Rebecca Tan and Jill Marie Thomas. The competition was indeed intense. They had to complete 6 missions in total and had access to one thai blogger each for information and guidance. At each mission, they would be given 47,000 THB to complete the missions. The missions vary and they have to do a wide variety of activities like styling, cooking and purchasing.

On the flight there, we had a wonderful in flight meal. Did you know AirAsia have recently launched a whole new menu for their inflight service? Do remember to check them out the next time you book your flight as some meals are only available for preorder. I had the Salmon Bento and Chicken Katsu Noodle for my meals there and back.

We arrived at the airport and was quickly ushered to our hotel, Centara Grand after. This was my first time staying at Centara Grand and now I know why its so expensive! It is so luxurious and I am so happy that I got to stay alone in a room all by myself. They are home to the popular Red Sky Bar too.

View from my room

We went shopping at Central World which is easily accessible and is of walking distance to our hotel. If we wanted to go to Siam, it would be easy too. We were then brought to EmQuartier for the welcome dinner where we had the most wonderful experience over at Cafe Chilli. The dishes were very exquisite and so yummy. Thank you so much TAT and AirAsia for hosting us!!!

welcome flower! how sweet of them
the prettiest dessert – coconut ice cream!

So besides all food, we cannot miss out on the main purpose of the trip right?  We arrived at the opening ceremony of the competition the next morning to witness the official introduction of the three participating teams. After which the teams split up to complete the missions. Our final destination was Asiatique which we went over quickly to wait for our Singapore team.

Though we were the last team to complete the race, it didn’t matter. We had fun and that’s most important. We ended the night with party and drinks curated by the respective teams. It was indeed a fruitful and eventful trip where we got to make new friends in Asia and walked away with a one of a kind experience we could not get anywhere else. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience, and I will be sure to return the next time when there’s such a race again!

To mark this wonderful occasion, AirAsia is offering promotional fares on 9 routes; Ho Chi Minh-Bangkok, Da Nang-Bangkok, Hanoi-Bangkok, Hong Kong-Bangkok, Hong Kong- Chiang Mai, Hong Kong-Phuket, Singapore-Bangkok, Singapore-Phuket and Singapore-Krabi with discounts up to 50%. The promotional fares will be available on from 19-25 June 2017 for travel from 19 June to 30 November.

Follow AirAsia on twitter and facebook for the latest promotions!


When was the last time you guys went to Malacca? For me, that was about 4-5 years ago? That was a long time but anyway things have now changed and it looks so much more developed! It has turned from a family vacation favourite to a youths’ hot spot. Thanks to BD Limousine Travel, I went on a 2D1N trip to Malacca just this week! A perfect start to the week I would say. Thankful for Yixin and the whole BD Limousine Travel group for the wonderful short trip.

So, unlike the usual travel packages around where you have to take the overcrowded and uncomfortable coach to the customs and lug all your bags while queueing at the immensely long queue over at customs, would you fancy getting picked up right at your door step and skip the whole queuing up at customs? I sure do and I know many people who would rather opt for this too!

I got picked up right at my door step by the PR person, tour guide and driver. We reached and crossed over to Malaysia in less than 1 hour?  We had a stopover lunch in JB since we were early. Tried the very famous Taman Pelangi beehoon and dishes. The beehoon was so tasty! The coconut water was fabulous! The meal was overall very appetising. It was the best meal of the trip.

We reached Malacca about in 2-3 hours time and immediately checked in to our hotel. The hotel we were staying for this trip was Hatten Hotel. Hatten Hotel is a new 4 star Luxury Hotel in Melaka City Centre. BD Limousine Travel also do tie ups with Estadia hotel. We almost couldn’t bear to leave the room because it was so luxurious. And for shoppers, you would be happy to know H&M, Jurlique and Braun Buffel (Tim Hoe Wan is also in construction) is within the Hotel itself!

The hotel amenities were wonderful. They had a bar, infinity swimming pool, a spa, hair salon and gym.

After resting for a bit, we met up with the rest to head to Pantai Klebang – the place ideal for taking worthy ootd shots! Yixin and I were overwhelmed with the desert-liked venue that had dunes and a beautiful view. This could be the perfect place for wedding shots. We saw a wedding photo shoot about to take place when we were there.

After exploring a bit and taking fun shots, we went back to the hotel restaurant, Chatterz for Steamboat dinner! Even though nearby our hotel, there were tons of famous food places, we decided to settle with Steamboat for the night because it’s such a rare occasion and so much more fun! Indeed, we had so much fun eating steamboat. The food was fresh and so much variety! You get to choose from an endless selection of sauces, meats, noodles, vegetables, desserts and cooked food. This was by far the most impressive variety I have seen of a Steamboat Buffet. At only RM$50, you can try it when you do not want to head out of the hotel.

After dinner, though we were exhausted we decided to try the very infamous trishaw rides. What’s so special about Malacca trishaw rides is that the trishaw drivers spend a lot of effort in decorating their trishaws into very cute rides. Some like to decorate with Hello Kitty, or Mickey Mouse and even Super Man! Yixin and I chose the Hello Kitty one. At RM$25, its something interesting you can try when you are there. Available in the morning too, I would advise morning rides so you can take better pictures.

Even though some of the places we went this time were touristy spots, BD Limousine do bring you to interesting unique spots that not many people know about. Apparently, there is this very cute home stay that looks like the famous Melbourne Blue Boat House. They could bring you if you are interested!

After we went back at night, Yixin and I got rather hungry and the very nice BD Limousine Group actually went to get us some KFC! So very nice of them.

The next morning, it was extremely difficult to get up. I was sinking too deep into the bed. Eventually, I managed to wake up for the buffet breakfast. The buffet breakfast at Chatterz was good! I love the breakfast as it had eggs and dessert stations. The variety was extensive.

Right after breakfast, it was drizzling but we still went over to Jonker street for sightseeing. Thankful we had a rather pro photographer around to help us take pictures! He’s our driver cum photographer too!

After lunch, we went to do more sightseeing. We first went to the floating mosque. It was the MOST BEAUTIFUL mosque I have ever seen before. It reminds me of BALI’s resorts’ and hotels’ wedding chapels to be honest. For females, it is a must to wear the shawls and tudongs given by them to enter. Yixin and I was not very keen hence the tour guide and driver went on our behalf instead. HAHA and they ended up using our camera to take artsy pictures of themselves instead. It was hilarious. Never before have I travelled with such a fun group! Traveling with them is so fun and lighthearted.

We even went to Upside Down house after that. Look at all the fun pictures we took! This resembles Trick Eye Museum.

After all the fun, we went to  eat the famous chicken rice balls. I did remember being a fan of chicken rice balls when I was younger but somehow the balls were a tad too salty for my liking this time. Yixin however loved them! The entire meal was rather expensive though at RM$70+.

We then went to shop around Dataran Pahlawan. The shopping mall was huge and is ONLY  8 minutes walk away from our hotel.

After that, we went to view the Harbour City (Hatten Hotel’s upcoming theme park/hotel project) showroom flat and it finally came to saying goodbye. The driver brought us back to Singapore and we alighted right at our doorstep. This was indeed a memorable trip. I will definitely visit Malacca again and this time I am going to get BD LIMOUSINE TRAVEL as my travel group.


Currently, they are having extensive promotions. Do check out their fab giveaway happening on their Facebook now! They might also be opening up wedding photography slots soon so if you are interested, you might want to check with them.

S$120 per pax (Sun to Thu)

S$155 per pax (Fri & Sat)

Min 4 pax

2 ways Singapore to Malacca

1 Night Hatten Hotel Stay


S$100 per pax (Sun to Thu)

$125 per pax (Fri & Sat)

Min 4 pax

2 ways Singapore to Malacca

1 Night Estadia Hotel stay

Hope this helps! xx


FANCL Junket To HK

Had the time of my life in HK this year thanks to FANCL and Touch PR team! Thank you for having me at this junket. It was truly an eye opener and such an opportunity of a lifetime. Actually, come to think of it, a lot of good things happened to me this year and I have to thank my lucky stars for them. I even extended this trip with Miyake as its her first time in HK. So before heading to this trip, I have already heard of FANCL and in all honesty, I was their paying customer when they were still in Singapore! They got out of the Singapore market a couple of years ago but fans of FANCL rejoice! You will be happy to know that they will be coming back to Singapore this April 1st! SO excited for this! I have previously heard so many good things about their collagen drink and I myself bought boxes of them after seeing actual results from my sister!

Anyway, FANCL got us SQ flight tickets and it was a wonderful experience as usual. I have always been a fan of SQ flights because of the spacious leg room and food on board. Even though we were all separated, I managed to sit with Celine on the flight. Thank god I had her on the flight so it wasn’t boring at all.

Upon reaching there, we met up with Rachel (our lovely guardian from Touch PR) and Gary (Representative from FANCL team). They were such lovely hosts! They brought us to Marco Polo hotel to check in first and then we had an hour to prepare before we leave for FANCL head office visit and brand presentation. We were greeted with a spacious room for each of us and also a specially packaged sample kit from FANCL.

Our itinerary for the day was to go through a brand presentation, watch some demonstrations of the products and skin consultation with device workshop at the FANCL HK Head Office Training Room before ending off with a French fine dining experience. Now this sounds like quite a treat already right?

First up at FANCL HK Head Office. I like that it had a stairs within the office itself. The entire office took up two floors and you can simply walk up and down to the desired floor you want to go to or you can walk out to the lift lobby and take the lift instead. They have huge spacious meeting rooms, skin analysis stations and training rooms where they conduct workshops. Best part, we were greeted with their very own brand of Green Tea (No preservatives added) and delectable sweet treats by one of the famous patisserie in HK.

FANCL HK Head Office Boardroom, Fantastic Natural Cosmetics Limited, 20/F., Sun Life Tower, Harbour City, Tsim Shat Sui, Hong Kong

It was a thorough brand presentation led by Candy and Karen from HK Fancl team. They were very warm towards us and all had such beautiful skin. I was truly envious of their complexion! The entire Fancl team had really good complexion I have to say.

After the presentation, we went on to try out the products and did a series of tests at their training rooms. We compared FANCL products with some other trusted brands in the market and as expected, FANCL products came out as the best. FANCL products are far more moisturising and hydrating than any other brands. They also carried the long lasting advantage as well. So in FANCL, they focus on the LESS IS MORE philosophy and do not add preservatives into their products. Originating from Japan, they use high-penetration nano-capsule technology. This technology delivers precious nutrients to the deepest layer of the epidermis. Skin will look younger, radiant and more translucent with continuous use.

Using highly active ingredients, cells self-repair, and lead to healthy hydration and unparalleled suppleness. They also focus strongly on collagen nutrients. Very known for their mild cleansing oil, their cleansing oil thoroughly removes all traces of makeup and prevents skin damage. Containing super refined Nano Cleansing Particles, makeup is dissolved effortlessly. Texture is smooth, easy to apply and gently removes all my makeup. I have tried other brands of cleansing oil before and honestly, this removes faster than the rest.

So with a rather huge R&D department, they sell their products in small sized bottles to ensure the products stay fresh within the 60 day golden efficacy period. Production date is also shown so you can tell when it is manufactured. The way of sealing the bottles is also very unique as they use a unique patented seal design. I had a fun time unlocking and opening the products. However the main selling point of FANCL products is they do not contain preservatives. Preservatives can cause stress to cells and aggravate oxidation damage which is why they don’t incorporate them in their products even though preservatives can keep products fresh. These problems will lead to weak, sensitive and premature aging.

For me, as i have tried Tense Up before, I am glad to have the opportunity to try it again. Collagen as consulted by my friends is key in preventing ageing. Collagen is there to increase skin elasticity. Every bottle of Tense Up contains 2600mg of tri-peptide collagen. Tri-peptide is also patented by FANCL.

After going through the skin consultation with device workshop ,  I must say it was very to the point and quick. They explained to me how I should consider taking whitening and collagen supplements because whitening can remove scars/marks while collagen can improve elasticity. My skin is seriously lacking in these two aspects. Was convinced after seeing the skin test results on the brand manager. She is close to 40 but her skin is even better than mine!

She showed us how to use the FANCL washing powder with the sponge ball.

Came dinner time, and we were all invited to dinner at EPURE French Fine Dining (Private Dining Room). Sourced from the freshest ingredients and in bite sized portions, we had a very enjoyable dinner. During the dinner, FANCL’s management started sharing about their other products like the Fat Burner and the Calorie Burner. Apparently they bring these sachets with them everywhere they eat to maintain their weight and figure. They gave us some samples to try along the way which convinced Celine. She bought three boxes of each the very next day when we went FANCL stores’ visiting. For every meal you take, you have to eat one satchet before meal and the other satchet after meal followed by a 15 minute exercise everyday.


Address: Shop 403, Level 4, Ocean Centre, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

The next day, after having a great sleep, we went on to visit FANCL store counters. We managed to cover up to three stores.

The first day, we already saw FANCL’s F&H store and thought it was so cool! Stock up on FANCL’s food supplies and products here! They even have a health dietician in the store to offer you advice.

尖沙咀海港城 F

On the second day, we went crazy shopping, thanks to the 20% discount given. We bought all the supplements we wanted. Miyake and I bought the Hyaluro Premium tablet supplements which is perfect for improving dryness and skin’s suppleness. The skin consultant recommended me to take these after doing another skin consultation for me as I was unsure if I should buy whitening or collagen supplements. If you are interested to know what you need most, you may wish to do a skin consultation with the device. She recommended me to take these tablets together with collagen for baby soft skin! On the other hand, Yina and Celine bought the Fat Burner and Calorie Burner tablets instead.


The first store has a really artistic designer concept to it. There is a cooling chamber where images of FANCL’s products will appear. This store concept is way more artistic than the rest. Met the prettiest skin consultant here! She had really good skin and it was thanks to her we bought our supplements after hearing her recommendations.

FANCL Festival Walk

80 Tat Chee Avenue, Shop 30, UG/F
Kowloon Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong


I like that they stock up on Makeup here. Some of the stores do not carry cosmetics at all. Celine and I bought the oil controlling powder and foundation pact! They also stock up on the food products here.

FANCL Cityplaza
18 Tai Koo Shing Road, Shop No. 285, 2/F
Tai Koo Shing, Hong Kong


This store concept was brighter than the rest and had a really pretty resting area at the corner for your boyfriends or even for your friends.

FANCL Nan Fung Place, Sheung Wan, 

Shop G4, G/F, Nan Fung Place, Sheung Wan

After the visit, we ended the day with yummy dim sum lunch at ChiuChow Garden! The best thing about hanging out with blogger friends? I guess its the photo taking part, everyone takes tons of photos so its not awkward at all and no one has to wait for anyone. We can even advise on angles for one another and take OOTD shots together!


The rest of the trip was FREE and EASY for us already. Later that night, the girls and I went out to Lan Kwai Fong for dinner and party.

Will carry on the rest of my trip in another post! Thank you again FANCL and Touch PR for this opportunity! I am really glad to be one of the bloggers chosen to write for you.

If you would like to know more about FANCL or even want to purchase their products, you can do so online or when you are travelling to HK/JAPAN. However, they will be opening their stores counters in Singapore very soon (1st April 2016) so do stay tune! Will update again on the store opening!

Till then! xx

Staycation with Hotel Jen Tanglin

Had a lovely weekend staying over at Hotel Jen Tanglin two weekends ago. Thank you Hotel Jen Tanglin for the wonderful hospitality! We managed to check in at 2pm, their usual check in time. Just look at their lobby area with swings and comfy couches.

We were warmly greeted by the frontline staff and were given one of the best rooms. The club room we stayed in was luxuriously designed with exquisite looking lamps and sofa. The room was fully equipped with everything (hair dryer, kettle, safe) I needed. Thankful that my room overlooks the city as well as the the hotel’s swimming pool.

Brought over my favourite set of skincare from The Body Shop with me on this staycation too!

Check out their extensive room service menu. Prices are really reasonable too!

From 5pm to 7pm, there is the cocktail hour (you wouldn’t want to miss) at the club lounge where you can enjoy their buffet spread of small bites and drinks. The lounge is opened all day until the wee hours with free flow of beverages, nuts, cookies and fruits. I love the hot chocolate concocted by the staff! At the club lounge, its so relaxing you can do your work or simply chill there.

Besides the cute swimming pool, you can find a gym, spa and hair salon too!

Situated in the heart of Orchard, it is really convenient for us to have some leisure time around the area.

The next morning after a good night sleep,  we rented the luxurious tokyobikes to tour around the area. If you don’t know, tokyobikes are the best! I wanted to buy it previously but it was over my budget.

The next day, we had the weekend chamapgne brunch (worth $128) instead of breakfast. The sumptuous brunch was amazing. There was accompanying live music. The cold spread was fabulous and had oysters, lobsters and scallops. The hot food was also fantastic. The spread had duck confit, lamb rack, pork knuckle, laksa and chicken rice. The dessert spread was also outstanding. The ice creams were served in individual scoops making it simpler for us. Got to sip on free flow champagne too.


And that wraps up my staycation at Hotel Jen Tanglin. You may want to check out their latest promotion HERE!

Thank you Hotel Jen Tanglin for accommodating me for that weekend! I look forward to having more staycations.



Review – Capri by Fraser

Hi pretties!

Am back for another hotel review. If you are looking for a place to plan your staycay for a special occasion, I recommend Capri by Fraser. This is one of my favourite hotels in Singapore ( having stayed in W hotel, Capella, Amara Sanctuary, MBS etc.) and you will find out why in a bit. So…I spent my pre birthday celebration there and boyfriend (b for short) booked the largest room, the studio terrace for our mini celebration. It was very peaceful and private despite the fact that there was 1. major construction outside 2. a birthday party going on right next door. It was also weird to us that the best rooms are located on the second floor. This is really weird because isn’t it lame to have your best rooms with open space (balcony) on the lowest floors? Doesn’t make sense for people who are staying on top with no balconies to have full view of our balcony and can even throw stuff down while we are resting. They also did not highlight there was construction going on. Also, when b tried to call during office hours, it was so difficult to get through. When we gave our feedback on this matter, they simply said, we are short of manpower. GOSH.

B was initially upset with the construction and also how dusty it was outside on the balcony. He cleaned away 3 flies in the short span of 15 minutes we got there. He was quite frustrated and called the reception to do something about it. Also, because we were next to the construction, we wanted a change of room but unfortunately, they were full hence, they got their cleaning staff to come up to do some cleaning. We were only able to do our own stuff after 4pm so we requested for late checkout and they gave us till 4pm the next day. After that, we went to the pool to swim and then boyfriend saw that other similar rooms had a shelter over their hammock so he called the reception again and they said they will get their manager to call us soon with a solution. After a long time, around evening, they got back to us with either a 20% discount off the dine in menu or complimentary breakfast. Of course, we chose breakfast.

Enough words, now pictures!

dsc01608 dsc01609 dsc01612 dsc01613 dsc01614 dsc01617 dsc01620 dsc01623 dsc01626 dsc01627 dsc01636 dsc01641dsc01652


Tiramisu chocolate birthday cake c/o Capri by Fraser.


dsc01703 dsc01710dsc01717


In one of the spin and play room, we get to play PS4 and also do our laundry.



dsc01719 dsc01720 dsc01721 dsc01722 dsc01738

Sumptuous breakfast and egg station!


dsc01832 dsc01840dsc01834 dsc01836

Complimentary parking and very convenient passage way from carpark to the hotel residences lobby.




You can borrow bikes for up to 4 hours!

What I liked about this place:

Room was very spacious. I liked that the fridge was so huge and we could put so many things inside. I liked that the wardrobe was inside the bathroom instead of how it is usually outside the bathroom like many hotels. while steaming in the steam room, you have a locker that comes with a pin and not a key. I also liked that it is situated next to changi city point which is awesome! Late night macdonalds yay! Also liked that they have PS4 games and movie rentals available. We had so much fun dancing away in the room. Most of the levels also had a spin and play room where you can do your laundry and play at the same time.


Wearing STYLEOFLEDA’s sunglasses/shorts and Quirkytraits’ white buttoned blouse.




510 11 12

Wearing Lylastore Kiera necklace in green, MDS white top and Love, Bonito’s tweed skirt.




Wearing Thetinselrack shawl and Seafolly Bikini. Donut float c/o floatrentalsg.



dsc01686 dsc01747 dsc01762 img_0022 img_0023

Sitting on the cutest donut float c/o floatrentalsg!



img_0240 img_0281 img_0424

Wearing white button top c/o Quirkytraits and baby blue midi from Love,Bonito




Pretty gems c/o Lylastore

So that pretty much sums up my vacay! Thank you for reading.