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Seafood feast with 8 Crabs Seafood Restaurant

Phase 2 has just started and I am so excited about it! Can’t wait to head out and dine. During the entire circuit breaker, I have been having takeaways and the food rarely tastes as good as the restaurant itself. So when I came across 8 Crabs and its good reviews, I was in disbelief. However as it sounded so good, I decided to try it out to see for myself!

8 Crabs Seafood Restaurant offers Crab and Seafood Delivery and are the only company in Singapore using grade AAA premium Sri Lankan sourced wild crabs. This means that their crabs are meatier, tastier, bigger, and less watery. To ensure freshness, these crabs are caught, flown, prepared and delivered to you within 12 hours.

Using $120, I managed to get a scrumptious crab feast for my family. I order their Award-Winning Salted Egg Crab in Extra Large (about 1 kg) at $88 and ordered another Curry Fish Head cooked in nyonya style. This is great for 4-5 pax.

The crabs are indeed fresher and meatier. I love how meaty and fresh the crab flesh is. My family love the Curry Fish Head sauce as well. Also, they gave a large packet of deep-fried tofu skin to go along with the curry fish head. A pity I forgot to buy mantou otherwise we could enjoy with the salted egg sauce. I am looking forward to trying out their Black Pepper and Chill Crab which are also Award-Winning.

Why choose 8 Crabs? Besides the food, I like their policy as well. They offer a full refund via store credits for all late deliveries and deliver within 1 hour earliest.

With Father’s Day approaching, why not order a crab feast for your dad too? I am sure that would not only excite your father but the whole family too! To order, visit here.

Skin Whitening and Sun Protection with BeautéScience Advanced Formula EstheWhite & EstheShield

Do you know the importance to consume beauty and skin supplements on a daily basis? It is important to know that as we age, it becomes almost impossible to consume sufficient nutrients for the skin simply by our daily food intake.  A recent study has shown that 80% of skin aging is caused by uv rays including wrinkles and skin laxity. As little as 2% increase in sun damage can cause our skin to age by 3 years! Not to mention on long term basis it gives us pigmentation, loose skin and even yellowing of skin tone and destroy our skin texture.

Recently I got to try the highly anticipated twin pack – EstheWhite & EstheShield by BeautéScience, an advanced formula for enhanced skin whitening and sun protection with patented technology, and boy was I amazed with the results.

I really did see a positive change. I went to Thailand and forgot to bring my sunscreen but thankfully, I brought EstheShield and EstheWhite supplements along with me. I remained fair and did not get any sunburnt at all. I had previously tried a few beauty supplements for skin whitening and sun protection but sadly I was allergic to it due to the ingredients and thankfully I did not have any chemical reaction to BeauteScience supplements! I also heard of similar testimonials during the launch.

Even though EstheWhite & EstheShield has just been launched in Asia on the 6th July, they have already garnered much positive feedback and responses among many major medical suppliers, hospitals, doctors and media personalities.

Personally, I have always been a fuss free person and such supplements actually work very well for me. I like the idea that its easy to consume – just 1 capsule of EstheWhite & 1 capsule of EstheShield in the morning after food and I am covered for the day!

I had the privilege to be part of its launch and check out the media personalities, suppliers and doctors that graced the event in the short clip below. Lunch served was delicious by the way.


To celebrate the Asian launch of EstheWhite and EstheShield, 100 Twin Packs (Retailing at $199 each) will be given away! Simply like and follow BeauteScience’s Facebook page from now till 23 Sep 2017 to participate in the contest.

Sheena (Influencer) and I


1. EstheWhite uses US-patented colourless carotenoids with highest concentration phytoene and phytofluene from specially selected non- GMO tomato species. These colourless carotenoids lighten and even out skin tone by inhibiting melanin synthesis. They provide sun damage protection by absorbing UV rays, while also possessing powerful anti- inflammatory and anti-oxidant capabilities.

Clinical research shows after twelve weeks of consuming phytoene and phytofluene, there are significant improvements to skin quality: dryness and roughness are reduced, while suppleness, complexion evenness and texture are enhanced.

2. EstheShield’s key ingredient – Polypodium Leucotomos has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient Europe. Much of the research has been done over the past 40+ years, and many of these clinical studies have shown extracts of Polypodium Leucotomos to be very effective at defending skin against damage from the sun (ultraviolet radiation) when taken orally.

3. Both products will be marketed as a twin pack and will be distributed only through medical clinics and hospitals. They are made in the United States and comply with HSA (Singapore) requirements, therefore you can be sure of its safety.

4. How the twin pack works – while EstheWhite helps in brightening the skin, EstheShield protects the skin from the sun and prevents it from darkening. With just 1 capsule of each daily, the twin pack formulation provides you with a comprehensive and systemic solution to skin brightening and sun protection.


(A) PhytoflORAL

Carotenoids are natural sun protectants found in plants. They absorb harmful UVA and UVB rays and supress free radicals that lead to premature ageing and dark, uneven skin tone. The human body is unable to produce carotenoids, but they can be obtained through diet.

EstheWhite’s key active ingredient, PhytoflORAL® is a patented innovative dietary supplement derived from a proprietary source of non-GMO tomato specie that is rich in colourless carotenoids – phytoene and phytofluene. These specific carotenoids are known to lighten and even out skin tone through

– Inhibiting constitutive melanin synthesis (reducing baseline pigment production)
– Protecting against UVA and UVB rays
– Significantly increasing anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant processes

– They do not bleach nor stain the skin and are truly colourless.

An additional ingredient in EstheWhite is L-Cysteine. It has been shown to prevent the production of darker melanin, stimulate the production of glutathione, promote skin renewal and display anti-oxidant effects.

• Protection against harmful UVA & UVB rays
• Enhanced whitening effect with L-Cysteine, the true precursor of glutathione
• Anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory properties
• Prevents skin collagen degradation
• Prevents damage to DNA and premature aging of skin
• Skin whitening by reducing melanin production

In a clinical study on effects of colourless carotenoids, dermatologists discovered that 60%-86% of subjects’ skin quality significantly improved after 6 weeks. And up to 90% of the subjects had improvement in skin dryness, roughness, suppleness, evenness and texture after 12 weeks. The research also showed that after 12 weeks of colourless carotenoids intake, 65% of subjects’ skin had a 20% increase in the Minimum Erythemal Dose (MED) after UV exposure testing, characterizing a significant photo- protective effect.


(B) Polypodium

EstheShield is an innovative oral sunscreen made with Polypodium Leucotomos, a natural fern extract with long history of usage as herbal oral medicine for the treatment of inflammation and a variety of skin ailments.

Much research has been done on Polypodium Leucotomos on its management of skin conditions and its photo-protective properties. Many of these clinical studies have shown polypodium extracts to be effective at defending skin against damage from the sun (ultraviolet radiation) when taken orally.

Polypodium Leucotomos has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help to prevent skin inflammation, inhibit free radicals in skin tissues from causing long-term DNA damage and photo-aging.


• Natural herbal sun screen that comes from deep within

• Inhibition of free radicals from UV radiation
• Anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory properties
• Prevents oxidative damage of skin
• Prevents damage to DNA and premature aging of skin


Find out more on and its instagramDiscover the secret to radiant skin today with this innovative twin pack oral supplement that offers a comprehensive solution to fairer, brighter complexion, and all day sun protection.




Hello sweetiepies!

Hope everyone had a good TGIF! Am sadly back home updating my blog with so many overdue posts! So just the other day, I had the privilege of attending BOURJOIS Rouge Party and it was such a special event. The goodie bag was filled with so many amazing goodies! Thank you for having us, Elson!


In 1863, Bourjois was born on the great boulevards of Paris in the theatre district, at a time when France was the world’s second leading economic power.

Ingenious products that make beautiful accessories : each product is carefully designed to make them easy to use and a pleasure to carry in your handbag! And for collectors who just can’t resist our iconic Little Round Pots, Bourjois regularly launches limited edition vintage series.

The purpose of the event was to unveil Bourjois’s AQUA LAQUE series, a hybrid lipstick . The event was held in the romantic O’ Comptoir, a modern French creperie & bar. This was one of the most enjoyable events I have attended so far where Interactive activities fuelled the event.

3 567 9 10 11 12 13 14

Using Bourjois’ La Laque, a new nail enamel collection, rich in color and shine, the nail polish booth set up by Soteria Face & Nail Singapore was very popular!

Highlights of the event included a makeover demonstration; introducing the incredibly light texture of the Nude Sensation foundation which melts instantly into the skin, leaving it soft, supple and perfectly moisturized. The model’s complexion was transparently evened out in one single action.

Evening canapés and macarons freshly baked by were also served throughout the event.



Waterproof face and eyes makeup remover. I love how quickly my makeup goes off with just one swipe of this on my cotton pad! Loving it. This is my favourite makeup remover.





Have you seen the ALL of the nail colours available above? Mad love the colours, we had fun at the event applying them on our bare nails! Was happy to have received the colour “white spirit” because the white enamels are perfect for a french manicure which reminds me I badly need to get my nails done!



For dry skin! This is the perfect shower palm to use! I am totally digging the rose milk and fig fragrance! After application, this leaves my skin feeling so baby soft and nice sweet smelling.




Loving the colours on these two rouges! They are so pretty its so irresistible. Swatches will be up soon!




Waterproof, I loved that this really gives that oomph effect! One of my holy grails all of a sudden!





Pretty nude colours perfect for the beach or even for office! Have I mentioned neutrals are my fav colours to use on the eyelids? I love how smooth it goes on the lids and how pigmented it is!




OOOH this is super cute! Thank you for these, BOURJOIS! Mad loved it. These are great for parties and gifts to girlfriends!




One of the most unique products I have seen, I had a wonderful time using this! I especially loved this brow mascara because now I have more defined brows after drawing them with a pencil!





Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 2.48.54 am


Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 2.49.03 am

Check out BOURJOIS in your nearby departmental stores and I am sure you would be a huge fan of theirs in no time at all! Thank you for reading and hope this post helped you decide! xx


REVIEW – MooJaa Mookata

Hello again!

The weather has been rather insane these days! Some days are so unbearably hot and some days are just so cold! Take today for instance, it has been raining all day that its so cold! If only I can have some Mookata right now!


Anyway, this reminds me! Just the other day I was invited to go down to MooJaa Mookata’s new opening and it was such a great experience. I love MooJaa Mookata’s concept! It is so damn cool that the hot pot is tucked away below the table so that the smoke would not hit you directly. I also like that they have a wide array of sauces for you to choose from (self service). This reminds me of Hai Di Lao and I simply love this concept!

The whole place was kept very clean and the staff was very friendly too! I don’t really like to drink Thai Iced Tea on a whole because I always find it too sweet but the Thai Iced Tea here was not that sweet which is a plus point! They have ala carte and also set meals available. We had the Set Moo recommended for two and it was so filling even though it looks like not much in the beginning! The set comprises of scallops and also prawns at a very reasonable price.

The meat was also very tender and well marinated. I love the chicken so so much!

DSC06793 DSC06805 DSC06817 DSC06818 DSC06827 DSC06829 DSC06830 DSC06832 DSC06835



The Set Moo (recommended for 2) we had was so filling and only costs $45! What a steal really!

DSC06841 DSC06844 DSC06845_edited-1  DSC06853 DSC06858 DSC06861_edited-1

Thank you MooJaa Mookata for hosting me and my friend and congratulations again! If you live around the area or just looking for a good place for mookata, do drop by! You will not be disappointed.


220 Upper Thomson Road, S(574352)

Tel: 64511611

Check out their FB page here!


Had an opportunity the other day to attend a food tasting at Sufood, a new Italian-inspired meatless dining concept in Singapore, hailing from Taiwan’s largest restaurant chain operator WOWPRIME in a joint venture with local PUTIEN. Thank you, Yilun (brand executive of PUTIEN) and K.C. (manager of Sufood Raffles City) for hosting us. It was such a wonderful experience trying out my first Vegetarian Italian-inspired meal in a restaurant.


Founded in 2010, SUFOOD is the first meat-free concept restaurant under WOWPRIME GROUP, the largest F&B operator in Taiwan. Through a joint venture, SUFOOD launched in Singapore for the very first time at Raffles City in May 2014.

The casual 140-seat veggie diner is SUFOOD’s first outlet outside of Taiwan. Focusing on freshness of ingredients and a clean-tasting palate, SUFOOD’s menu features more than 200 ingredients. Set menus are affordable at S$29.80++ for a full eight- course meal.

To commemorate the launch, SUFOOD set a new Guinness World Record® for most pizzas made in 12 hours, achieving a record of 3,574 pizzas. The event raised $12,015.50 with
all proceeds going towards Pink Ribbon Walk, a walk against breast cancer organised by the Breast Cancer Foundation.

SUFOOD is not only inspired by Italian cuisine but also by how it is prepared; though only using basic cooking techniques, Italian cuisine still exudes diverse and rich flavours. SUFOOD thus relies chiefly on the quality of the fresh ingredients to create innovative and delicious meat-free cuisines.

Their manifesto of using the rule of five:

5-colour groups of vegetables & fruits to give you a variety of nutrients

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 10.12.37 pm

For more information on the menu, you may view it here.


Currently, they have an ongoing 1-for-1 DBS/POSB card promotion for their set meal (S$29.80). However, I can assure you even without the promotion, this place is worth trying! Even the crowd agrees with me! The picture below was taken before the promotion timeframe. The promotion is valid daily from 2pm – 4:30pm (last order at 3pm).




When I go to a restaurant, I usually look out for two things and they are, 1. customer service and 2. food quality & taste.

For SUFOOD, I would give them a thumbs up for both areas because they are excellent in the customer service aspect due to having made their staff go through training in Taiwan previously. From what I understand from Yilun, in Taiwan, service expectations are much higher as compared to Singapore hence, the necessity of receiving training in Taiwan beforehand. You can expect quality customer service here at SUFOOD.

Additionally, besides the impeccable customer service, their food quality and taste is also amazing. My favourites has to be the Star Pizza and Baked Potato Al Fungi. I am drooling just looking at the pictures again. I find that at only S$29.80, this 8-course set meal is truly value for money. A plate of vegetarian meal in the hawkers would probably cost S$4 and you must take into consideration that the S$4 comes with no customer service nor a great ambience for you to enjoy with your love ones while Sufood is a wonderful place for you to have a great and nutritious meal with your family at a very small cost. To me, I would rather spend a couple more dollars to have the food served to me, and also have a cosy setting to enjoy my meal.


Here are pictures of our CUSTOMISED 8-course set meal. At Sufood, you can choose each course from their wide selection.


Rosemary Breadsticks (Choice of Mustard/Blueberry Dip) – MY FAVOURITE!


SUFOOD signature cider – which cleanses your palate

DSC04012 DSC04014 DSC04015 DSC04016

SUFOOD Appetiser

DSC04024 DSC04026

Mushroom Salad


Summer Salad


Cabbage and Sweet Potato Stew – which was so delicious and nutritious I had to get a second bowl!


Mushroom and Pea Pottage

1DSC04064 DSC04065

Baked Potato Al Fungi – Another of my favourites! Truly enjoyed every bit of it.

DSC04073 DSC04078

Star Pizza – This looks super cute and its so delicious too!

DSC04097 DSC04099

Yuzu Chamomile Tea & Vanilla Ice Cream with Hot Chocolate


Sesame Panna Cotta & The Ashitaba

Thank you so much for the invite again. I will definitely return to try out the other dishes!


 Address: 252 North Bridge Road, #02-19, Singapore 179103

Tel: 6333 5338

Opening hours: 

Lunch: 1130am – 430pm (last order at 3pm)

Dinner: 530pm – 10.30pm (last order at 9pm)

REVIEW – Anti-dote Afternoon Tea

Hi loves!
Tea yesterday was wonderful at Anti:dote with my poly girls. This was the first time meeting them after the wedding in May. Our dearest girl, June is already 5 months pregnant with a baby girl! 

We ordered three sets of the first choice which was too much? 2 sets would be more than enough for the three of us! The black truffle scrambled eggs was our favourite and it was so delish!

Each set came with a choice of tea from the $11 range of teas or coffee. Any other choice of beverage would have an additional top up cost. The bill came up to about $44 per person.


NAME: Anti:dote
CONTACT:+65 6431 5315 
DRESS CODE: Smart casual


Food Review – Dinner at Equinox

Hi Lovelies!

This week has been so far so good! Today is Hari Raya and thus a public holiday for both baby and I! We managed to explore around Singapore these few days and it was awesome. I love that till today, despite it being the third year we have been together, we still have so much to know and explore about one another. 

To celebrate our 3rd year anniversary, He brought me to one of the nicest restaurants in Singapore. It was a great experience for me and it is also the first time we have ever been to Equinox.

He was really sweet and got me sunflowers on our anniversary and had them delivered to my house early in the morning. I was really surprised as it is not always I get to receive gifts from him. He’s really sweet to me but not in the gifts and romantic area haha. 

So as usual, he took a few pics for me and they all turned out great perhaps because I was in a fantastic mood. 

Off we went to Equinox after, it was such an amazing experience for us both! We ordered so much, we were so full. I shall let the pictures do the rest of the talking. 

 Compliments from the chef

Lobster, Corn Chowder, Ripped Croutons, Chipotle Cream
Thank god we had two of these! The soup was very tasty and was quite a show as we saw the waiter poured the liquid as the finishing touch right in front of our eyes. The bread were also quite good. I liked that the bread was always kept fresh from the kitchen.

Seared Foie Gras, Honey and Five Spice Roasted Mango, and Gingerbread.
The kind waiter had suggested us to try the gingerbread snap, mango and foie gras all at once, but we found eating them individually tasted better. The taste of the mango hid the taste of the foie gras when we had them together.

Roasted Salmon, Seared Scallops, Artichoke Barigoule, Truffle. The portion was really huge for me and I am considered a glutton.

360g Rib Eye with Black Truffle Butter and Duck Fat Fries. It was amazing but huge. This is the first steak where my boyfriend had such a hard time finishing it that he actually complained it was too much! 

Tasting Platter for desserts. By the time we had our dessert, we were already so full but nevertheless, it is a must for us to try the desserts everywhere we go being such huge dessertarians. This did not disappoint.

Total bill came up to about S$480++. Overall, this was a really great experience. I will definitely return for their brunch soon. 

So thats all guys! Thank you for reading and hope you guys enjoyed this post!



Name: Equinox
Address: Swissotel, The Stamford

Food Review – Baguette, Medz and Ku De Ta

Happy Wednesday guys!

This is a throwback to last Saturday’s activities. It was a typical long day for me, I had to meet 3 different group of friends. 

Met my Le Mini Gang clique for brunch at CMPB, Demsey. As this was our usual hang out place, I did not take any photos haha.

Took some photos along the way while waiting for my second group of friend for dinner and dessert. 

Outfit of the Day (OOTD) details

Top: Bershka 
Skirt: Far East Plaza 
Bag: Chanel
Earrings: Bangkok

We had a horrible experience at Medz. The grilled chicken my friend had was uncooked and all red inside. We asked for a change and the management agreed to change to another dish however the wait was too long. Along the way, the servers also accidentally delivered the wrong dishes to us a couple of times, which was rather annoying. 

After dinner, we went for dessert at Paris Baguette. We ordered a couple of sweets for sharing. We had mini croissants, twisted chocolate french pastries, egg tart, and pudding. 

After dessert, we split and I went to attend a girlfriend’s party at Ku De Ta. 

Thank you for reading, guys! Till the next update. 



Name: Medz
Address: #B2-01 , Orchard Central, 
181 Orchard Road
Contact: +65 62389028 

Name: Paris Baguette
Address: #02-48/53, Wisma Atria Shopping Centre, 
435 Orchard Road
Contact: +65 68362010 

Name: Ku De Ta
Address: 1 Bayfront Avenue, Marina Bay Sands SkyPark, 018971
Contact: +65 6688 7688

Food Review – Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant


Welcome back to my space. Celebrated my dearest girlfriend’s birthday today in advance at our favourite restaurant, Imperial Treasure Steamboat. 

Compared to Hai Di Lao, I definitely prefer Imperial Treasure for its quality and the amazing taste of the soup base even though the service is not as great as Hai Di Lao’s. At Hai Di Lao, there is a wide variety of self served sauces for you to mix as and how you like it to be. At Imperial Treasure, they will provide a large tray filled with a variety of sauces where you can either request for their specialty sauce or you can do it yourself. If you request for their specialty sauce, they will do it on the spot for you. 

For the soup, our favourite and the extremely popular one is the wine chicken base. We got both that and Mala for dinner tonight.

The wine chicken for the soup base

A few dishes we ordered, 

Chinese baby spinach

Fish skin

Prawn noodle

Pork and Beef slices

Frog legs, I felt damn cruel having this. The frog legs were just sliced so they were still pumping. 

After dinner, I surprised my girlfriend with a cake. 

Thank you for reading guys! Please remember to make a reservation beforehand. This place is super popular and reservation is a must even during weekdays.



NAME: Imperial Treasure
ADDRESS: ION Orchard, #04-09/10, 
2 Orchard Turn
CONTACT: +65 66369339