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Playing Dress Up With PepperKoko

When the Korean Wave first took over Singapore, I wasn’t at all that interested because I did not fancy baggy clothes however Pepperkoko changed my perception of Korean fashion. Korean fashion could very well be basics and fitting tops or dresses even!

At, they allow 14 days return and exchange for your items which is way longer than most online stores so you can feel free to shop at ease without any commitment. Not sure of your sizing? No worries, they have a wide range of sizes (even for the plus size)  from S to 7L for most designs! Receive FOC delivery when you spend $38 and above! With just S$100, I managed to score myself 4 beautiful pieces at such good quality. You have to try it to believe!

Here are some ways on how I styled the pieces. From active wear, women’s work wear, kid’s wear and even men’s wear, they are your one stop solution for your entire family.

I have to say my shopping experience with Pepperkoko was one of a kind and excellent. I accidentally purchased a duplicate and instead of going through with the order, they actually sensed something wrong with my order and personally verified with me through text! They are efficient accompanied with great customer service.

Flounce Off-The-Shoulder Top

A simple off shoulder top with ruffles and ribbon detailing.  Pair it with a uniquely designed white ruffled skirt and there you have it – casual date wear to the park or museum.

Denim Frayed Trim Short Overalls

Not sure what to wear to the park or a garden date? Why not try out this sweet looking romper? You can never go wrong with denim or comfort.

Chiffon Pinstripe Boxy Shirt Dress

Days when I feel subconscious, I like to have some cover up. My best bet would be a shirt dress.

Off Shoulder Elastic Waist Romper 

If you don’t already know, white is my favourite colour and I love the off shoulder design because I like showing off my collar bones (I think collar bones are sexy).

Currently, on every Wednesdays of April, buy above $38 and receive $10 off your final bill! Applicable with all other promo codes. For all other days of April, receive a free gift when you purchase above $38. Quote <SYDNEY10> and get $10 off with min. $40 purchase.

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#BETTERHAIRDAYS with Chez Vous Hair Salon

I believe most of you would have known by now that I have been doing my hair at Chez Vous Hair Salon for the past 1 year and it has been an amazing journey with them. In a single year, I managed to try out 4-5 various pastel colours. Not sure if you guys remember these colours! Even though I bleached my hair 4 to 5 times to achieve these colours, my hair is surprisingly not that damaged and what’s the reason for it? I guess it’s because of the brilliant hair treatments I have went through! Below are the recent treatments I have went through.


I believe most of you must have heard of fillers and botox for the face right but guess what, botox and fillers are not just for the face! The first-ever salon hair treatment to be inspired by aesthetic beauty treatments, ChezVous’ Hair Botox + Fillers Programme works like Botox and hyaluronic fillers for the skin, which effectively smoothen wrinkles and plump sunken facial contours. This ground-breaking semi-permanent hair therapy fills up the “holes” in the hair cuticles (tell-tale signs of sustained damage) with long-lasting reparative hair supplements such as micronized amino lipids, natural jojoba and avocado oils, and keratin concentrates to strengthen and reduce breakage. Stubborn frizz is smoothed away with silk protein and ceramide, and the hair is saturated with hyaluronic acids for intensive hydration.

This therapy is a one-of-a-kind treatment and can reduce unruly curls, waves and frizz but preferably not that ideal for those who wish to retain their natural waves or permed curls.


Before starting the treatment, my hair was that damaged and frizzy.

cream used to apply on the hair before ironing with hair iron to lock in the moisture

hyaluronic treatment added in a syringe


So besides having done the treatment, I also received a box of boosters for home beauty care.

Chez Vous has developed its own homecare line – Trilogy Bespoke Boosters (BB), designed to be a complete customizable 30-day hair recovery programme, using miniaturized in-salon treatment grade ingredients, focusing on inner care. 1 Booster application is equivalent to 5 ordinary hair mask usage. Each booster is hand-poured and tailored according to individual guest’s hair needs:

  • Soothe & Smooth: for unmanageable, unruly and frizzy hair
  • Enrich & Glow: for color-treated hair
  • Repair & Rescue: for overly processed and damaged hair
  • Feed & Fit: for weak, brittle and stressed hair

BEFORE AND AFTER using the Trilogy Bespoke Boosters (BB):


NOW you can get to enjoy 25% off when you make a reservation through this link: from now to 31st May 2017. Quote <RefBySydney05> for this 25% off!


My Buys From USKOOP!

Enjoy Online Shopping? Me too! There are many perks that comes along with online shopping. I especially love to ship things from overseas because thats when its more unique as local Singaporeans don’t really have access to them! I have been purchasing from a few shopping portals previously and thought they were really slow and expensive when it comes to the shipping portion so I went on a hunt for a better shopping portal and guess what, thats when I discovered USKOOP! Have you heard of them? If you haven’t, you are missing out!

Uskoop IS your NEW best friend when it comes to online purchases! They are an online concierge who specialise in helping shoppers buy and get their purchases delivered with a simplified and integrated shopping process.

They are an one-stop portal that helps online shoppers enhance their global shopping experience. With their platform and services linked to merchants in the US and UK who sell authentic and quality products, shoppers (like me and YOU!) who desire to buy from overseas merchants overseas can simply use Uskoopto buy the products they want and shipping will be coordinated and managed by Uskoop. Avid shoppers no longer have to navigate different web sites to buy and arrange shipping separately OR fear not being able to buy products that overseas merchants do not ship internationally.

Striving to make the shopping process as simple as possible, the purchasing process is really easy. There are only 4 steps to it!

  1. Head over to USKOOP
  2. Visit the Global Merchant websites
  3. Paste the products’ URL onto USKOOP portal
  4. Checkout

This saves so much time, shipping costs and agent fees as well without the hassle to navigate and checkout from various online stores. As a bonus,  they even help shoppers source the products WE desire AT A BETTER PRICE from lesser known merchants and provide full service support to follow up with the merchants on their orders. Don’t you think we will benefit in saving much time and costs when shopping great buys from overseas merchants with Uskoop?

If you are a makeup and brand addict, some of the items you can get are the LIMITED EDITION HOURGLASS Ambient® Lighting Surreal Light Blush, Bronzer & Strobe Powder Palette from Nordstrom, LORAC palette, Anastasia Beverly eyeshadow palette, designer bags, wristlets and shoes from Macys or 6pm at a very reasonable rate. Other trending stuffs like beauty products from BH Cosmetics, designer bags from Coach US or Kate Spade US or even luxury items like Christian Louboutin US are also available too!

I bought this gorgeous fully customised Adidas Superstar from them and guess what, they perfected my customised features for me! No other portals that I know of are able to do that for me. Thank you USKOOP for going through the pains of understanding my customisable features and getting it for me. Now you guys know my secret. You too, can get this from USKOOP! Don’t say I never share.


Oh and make sure you follow their FACEBOOK PAGE or INSTAGRAM PAGE for more of such promotions and offers. Hop onto #USKOOPBUYS to checkout what other people bought too!


Eyewear Selection At Spectacle Hut

Was on a spectacle frame hunt the other day and popped by Spectacle Hut to try out their eyewear. Wow, was I amazed with their wide range of brands available. They carry exclusive brands such as Victoria Beckham, Loewe, Linda Farrow, Sting, and even Bathing Ape. They are your best bet to buy branded eyewear. Some of my favorite brands I got to try on were from Tiffany and Co. and Jimmy Choo, which is only available in Spectacle Hut. The frames of these brands were so stunning. I got my eyes on the Tiffany and Co. ones. Be sure to stay tune to the end of the post, as I will be sharing some of their very exciting promotions!

Tiffany & Co.

Jimmy Choo

I even got a new Prada eyewear from them! For spectacle frames, Spectacle Hut provides express service starting from 20 mins for single vision lenses and 4 hours for progressive lenses. They are the first in Asia to provide such express service for progressive lenses.

This very friendly and knowledgeable Optometrist named Alvin serviced me. He continuously recommended frames to me and was one of the friendliest and nicest people I have ever met! He offered to fix and adjust my friend’s spectacle frame even though he was not buying anything. Even my friend was impressed with his wonderful service. He even gave me a good price for my Prada spectacle frame and multicoated fine index lens that comes with free polishing and warranty of one year.

For those who are looking for branded yet affordable eyewear, I highly recommend Spectacle Hut as your first and only choice. They not only have a variety of spectacle frames and sunglasses, they also have a variety of contact lenses for you to choose from! Some of the brands they carry are like Anna Sui and Maxi. So if you are deciding where to make your next optical purchase, I strongly recommend Spectacle Hut.


ONGOING promotions happening now where you can get a pair of either:

  1. Rayban frame + lens (1.60 multicoated lens) at $188 or;
  2. Armani Exchange frame + lens (1.60 multicoated lens) at $188 or;
  3. Evisu/Nine West frame + lens (1.60 multicoated lens) at $138

For Spectacle frames, you can get a pair of:

  1. Manhattan School frame + lens at $69!



OMG, check out my Taobao Haul from EzBuy!

Are you a shopaholic like me and enjoy cheap thrills? Well, no one does it better than Taobao that hails from China. Even though Taobao is well known for cheap prices, not many people have easy access to them, as Taobao is not exactly user friendly for foreigners because of the Mandarin language settings. This is where comes in! Besides the language settings, some of my friends told me about their horror stories where the goods they bought directly from Taobao without any middle person was defected or worst, never came! Ezbuy does the quality inspection part on your behalf so you can rest assure your goods will not be defected and will arrive safely to Singapore. I always shop my Taobao Haul or US Cosmetics on ezbuy and I will show you how below.

So why shop from ezbuy for your Taobao Haul or your favorite US cosmetics? Not only is it cheaper because you shop directly from the country of origins that helps to bypass any importer, exporter, distributor or retailers, there are also other benefits!

When you shop your Taobao Haul with ezbuy using Prime, you get $2.99 unlimited shipping regardless the size, weight or quantity where you are able to save tons on shipping fee. You also get instant upgrade to SVIP membership where you get to enjoy 50% savings off agent fee on Prime orders. This includes all Buy-For-Me services such as Purchasing, Inspection and After-sales support (trust me, this is A LOT of savings we are talking about here). If you are still unsure whether to get Prime, you may want to check out their 30-day Trial!

I only shop with ezbuy for my Taobao Haul and even though the shipping is quite affordable and I find the cheapest in the market, I still think Prime $2.99 unlimited shipping is so worth it if you are like me, always shopping  on Taobao! I shop on Taobao once every two weeks and I find it damn worth it!

Check out my amazing Taobao Haul from EzBuy! There are soooo many things you can get! Some of my friends even got their wedding dresses and furniture there! They have cute carpets, sofas and vanity tables for sale! My manicurist bought her working table there too. The furniture below was also all bought from Taobao (pic credits to!

You can also ship in your favorite Kylie Lip Kits or Colorpop Cosmetics from there too! That’s how I got mine.

Typical stuff I usually get from Taobao are accessories, clothes and shoes! I even got my cute bikinis from there too.

Anyway, ezbuy is really easy to use! Allow me to show you how.

1. Create an account
2. Go to Taobao and select an item you wish to purchase
3. Copy the link of the item you wish to purchase
4. Paste the link you copied onto the search bar on and press enter
5. It will take you to a page that allows you to select Color/Size/Quantity and you can select “Add to Cart” after
6. You will be taken to the “Shopping Cart” page where you can select your Shipping choice. Select “Check Out” when you are done!

So what are you waiting for? Quickly register now and you get Free $10 Shopper Voucher with this link:

Givenchy x Mondo Vantaggio x Joanna Lim

Had the most sumptuous Mother’s Day tea party at Mondo Vantaggio for their Mother-Daughter day out. It was a lovely time thanks to Mondo Vantaggio.

Not the first time being there, I am still surprised with how grand the store’s outlook is. Its like walking into Prada but with many more brands other than just one single brand. An all-new Multi label luxury store, you have to check out Mondo Vantaggio’s collection of designer labels and the ongoing sales available!

Check out my very first experience at Mondo Vantaggio here!

So right now they are currently having a 60% markdown and weekly brand sale.

Get 15% off on selected brands as seen below:

  • 1st to 5th – Valentino & Balenciaga
  • 6th to 12th – Gucci
  • 12th 19th – Burberry & Saint Laurent
  • 20th to 26th – Prada
  • 27th to 30th – Miu Miu & Versache

ALSO, check out Mondo Vantaggio’s latest cover girl for GIVENCHY NEW IN CAMPAIGN –   Joanna Lim of Night Owl Cinematics. Look at how she beautifully styled the latest Givenchy pieces available in store.

Seeing how gorgeous the bags look on her, I had my go at a few of my favourites from Givenchy! Below are my picks.

Don’t forget to drop by at Mondo Vantaggio this June for your fashion fix!