I am pretty sure most Singaporeans would agree, when it comes to shopping and dining around the world, the first country that pops up in your mind is Bangkok, Thailand. This is of course the same for me too! I go to Thailand at least three times a year and this is the second time I have been to Bangkok in a year.

For those who enjoy going to Bangkok or other parts of Thailand, you are in for a special treat. AirAsia is offering specially priced fares on tickets to Thailand and even better, they have partnered with Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) alliances like departmental stores and restaurants where AirAsia Boarding Passes can be used for discounts and other privileges. The reason for this treat is that they hope travelers will enjoy their time shopping and dining in Thailand even more (now isn’t this a good reason for us to shop and dine even more?)

This year, AirAsia joins hands with TAT to organise Thailand Shopping & Dining Paradise to attract tourists from Vietnam, Hong Kong and Singapore to visit Thailand during the Green Season. They are holding the ‘The Top Shopper’ competition  to highlight their premier shopping destinations. The winning team will receive free air tickets from AirAsia for use on any route within 1 year along with 100,000 THB (now isn’t this exciting).

So along with 4 other bloggers, I was there to support our Singapore team consisting of Roz Pho, Cinddie, Rebecca Tan and Jill Marie Thomas. The competition was indeed intense. They had to complete 6 missions in total and had access to one thai blogger each for information and guidance. At each mission, they would be given 47,000 THB to complete the missions. The missions vary and they have to do a wide variety of activities like styling, cooking and purchasing.

On the flight there, we had a wonderful in flight meal. Did you know AirAsia have recently launched a whole new menu for their inflight service? Do remember to check them out the next time you book your flight as some meals are only available for preorder. I had the Salmon Bento and Chicken Katsu Noodle for my meals there and back.

We arrived at the airport and was quickly ushered to our hotel, Centara Grand after. This was my first time staying at Centara Grand and now I know why its so expensive! It is so luxurious and I am so happy that I got to stay alone in a room all by myself. They are home to the popular Red Sky Bar too.

View from my room

We went shopping at Central World which is easily accessible and is of walking distance to our hotel. If we wanted to go to Siam, it would be easy too. We were then brought to EmQuartier for the welcome dinner where we had the most wonderful experience over at Cafe Chilli. The dishes were very exquisite and so yummy. Thank you so much TAT and AirAsia for hosting us!!!

welcome flower! how sweet of them
the prettiest dessert – coconut ice cream!

So besides all food, we cannot miss out on the main purpose of the trip right?  We arrived at the opening ceremony of the competition the next morning to witness the official introduction of the three participating teams. After which the teams split up to complete the missions. Our final destination was Asiatique which we went over quickly to wait for our Singapore team.

Though we were the last team to complete the race, it didn’t matter. We had fun and that’s most important. We ended the night with party and drinks curated by the respective teams. It was indeed a fruitful and eventful trip where we got to make new friends in Asia and walked away with a one of a kind experience we could not get anywhere else. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience, and I will be sure to return the next time when there’s such a race again!

To mark this wonderful occasion, AirAsia is offering promotional fares on 9 routes; Ho Chi Minh-Bangkok, Da Nang-Bangkok, Hanoi-Bangkok, Hong Kong-Bangkok, Hong Kong- Chiang Mai, Hong Kong-Phuket, Singapore-Bangkok, Singapore-Phuket and Singapore-Krabi with discounts up to 50%. The promotional fares will be available on from 19-25 June 2017 for travel from 19 June to 30 November.

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