ADVERT – BakeByFaith CNY Cereal goodies

Hi pretties,

Am back with something amazing to share again! So earlier this week, I managed to collect some tiny guilt free goodies from BakeByFaith! They so generously gave me 4 boxes each!

The flavours I chose are Strawberry Rice Krispies, Chocolate Cornflakes, Marshmallow Fruity Pebbles and White Chocolate Cornflakes.

Items can only be kept up to 7 days from collection date and they are halal certified.

Even though its CNY, there is no surcharge and prices remain the same. Prices are 40 cups for S$13, 88 cups for S$28 and 200 cups for S$60

For more information, you can see the website and also their instagram.


I have tried all the flavours and my favourite has to be Chocolate Cornflakes and Strawberry Rice Krispies! The other flavours were yummy too but because I am a strawberry fan, I especially like the Strawberry Rice Krispies flavoured one. I ate finish the whole box of Strawberry Krispies by myself and my family was very receptive to the cereals too! We finished 2 boxes in just 2 days! I think this is the perfect gift for CNY and will always be welcomed by your friends because they are so pretty yet have the lowest calories.

20 pieces in each box, flavours below are Marshmallow Fruity Pebbles and Strawberry Rice Krispies (from left to right)

dsc02726 dsc02728 dsc02732 dsc02735

Below are the Chocolate Cornflakes and White Chocolate Cornflakes flavoured ones (from left to right).

dsc02740 dsc02743 dsc02744 dsc02748 dsc02751 dsc02752 dsc02756 dsc02761

Strawberry Rice Krispies below.

dsc02766 dsc02769 dsc02773 dsc02791

Below are the Chocolate Cornflakes, Marshmallow Fruity Pebbles and White Chocolate Cornflakes accompanied with my Vita Fede bracelet.

dsc02810 dsc02813 dsc02814 dsc02821

So what are you waiting for! Get your CNY goodies fix now!

Hope this helps in selecting your perfect CNY goodies and thank you for reading!


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