How many times have you woken up late and cannot afford enough time to condition your hair? What about times when you feel lazy and too tired to wash your hair #FirstWorldProblem? I guess we all have such moments and I am so glad I found a gem in the mass of shampoos. A rare gem – L’oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil La Crème Lavante Cleansing Cream is a 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner and treatment. Besides the convenience, this particular shampoo doesn’t create FOAM! Yes, you heard it right – NO FOAM. Foam from typical foaming shampoo cause harsh friction when we are scrubbing foaming shampoo to our scalp and hair, hence it strips off the hair of natural moisture, causing the hair to be damaged. This is why no foam equals to no damage!

Contrary to what many people believe and think that foam would efficiently wash and cleanse hair, it is not true at all as there are no truly natural surfactants that will produce a thick lather. Natural products will foam very, very little, not even noticeably most of the time. Only chemicals can produce that beehive of foam.

The L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil La Crème Lavante is infused with 3 Extraordinary Oils (Cleansing Oil + Conditioning Oil + Treatment Oil) which helps to effectively cleanse the hair and scalp without over-stripping the hair of its natural moisture. Cleansing without foam reduces harsh friction and breakage on the hair and hence making your hair looks visibly healthier and softer after first use.

  • Cleansing Oil = Cleanses through the scalp and hair without stripping the hair of natural moisture
  • Conditioning Oil = Penetrates into the hair keratin and condition the hair effectively
  • Treatment Oil = Restores dry hair back to healthier-looking hair with lustrous shine

Why No-Poo is relevant? 

Almost 1 in 5 consumers suffer from damaged hair because foam from foaming shampoo causes harsh friction stripping off hair of natural moisture hence causing further damage to the hair.

Besides the winning scents as compared to many hair care products out there, it is absolutely refreshing on the scalp (because of the menthol) and leaves hair silky smooth and manageable.

There are 3 variants in total, and they are:

-Extraordinary Oil La Crème Lavante No-Foam Cleansing Cream Gold variant (for normal to dry hair)

-Extraordinary Oil La Crème Lavante No-Foam Cleansing Cream Pink variant (for frizzy, dull hair)

-Extraordinary Oil La Crème Lavante No-Foam Cleansing Cream Brown variant (for very dry & damaged hair)

As compared to the Gold and Brown variants, Extraordinary Oil La Crème Lavante Pink (for frizzy, dull hair) has a little more foam. For consumers who totally cannot take the no-foam concept (because they think their hair is not clean without foam from shampoo), they can opt for this pink variant, which has a low-foam.

Retailing at $21.90 each, it is now available in all leading personal care stores (like Watsons & Guardian) and Super/Hypermarkets. Other than Japan, Singapore is the 1st country in the Asia to lead this no-foam trend.

Personally, I like the scent and think it smells way better than other shampoos out there. I also like that I never need to stock up on conditioner and treatment anymore. Convenience is everything these days isn’t it? Also, I like that since using it, my bleached hair is more manageable and smooth. It is easier to brush and is quicker to dry.


So in summary, I think these are the benefits that won me over.

  • Winning fragrant scent
  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Fuss free
  • Damage free because no foam


A.The Smooth and Manageable Comb through test

Using the finger-comb through test, you can see that the hair is now smoother and more manageable . Hair is softer and healthier with no damage.

B. The Hair Porosity Test

Healthy hair floats on water as it is less porous.


Wish to know the secret to smooth undamaged hair? Use L’oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil La Crème Lavante Cleansing Cream today!


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