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Was extremely honoured to be able to attend the first SULWHASOO flagship store opening in Capitol Singapore two weeks back! If you don’t know, SULWHASOO is the #1 Korean Luxury Skincare Brand and this opening was to celebrate their 100th global store and its first flagship store in ASEAN region. Before attending their launch, I have used never used SULWHASOO products before but have heard positive reviews of their BB Cushion! Hence, I took this opportunity to get the BB Cushion this time due to the fat discount given.

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Sulwhasoo presents holistic beauty that provides the ultimate skincare solution and restores the harmony between body and mind with its modern skin science and legendary Asian medicinal herbs that have been cherished for thousands of years in Asian wisdom. The brand gains wisdom from the laws of nature and beautifies the body with rare and precious ingredients in pursuit of beauty that resembles nature with the harmony between body and mind. With ‘JAUM Balancing ComplexTM,’ the original formula of Sulwhasoo for balanced skin derived from more than 3,000 ingredients, ‘ginseng’, the outstanding ingredient of Korea that makes Sulwhasoo’s original prescriptions even more special, and the latest ‘bioconversion technology’.

Guests are greeted by the Brand Zone when they enter, which encapsulates Sulwhasoo’s philosophy of ‘Holistic Beauty’, while the display window by the hallway features the Ingredient Zone, showcasing Sulwhasoo’s key formula of JAUM Balancing ComplexTM and essence of ginseng science, GinsenomicsTM, in a realistic and interactive manner. The Sulwhasoo Boutique also houses an exhibition space that expresses everything about the brand; the Product Zone where customers can try any product from Sulwhasoo’s skincare and cosmetics selection; a counseling space and a beauty lounge for the ultimate beauty pampering experience.


The Sulwhasoo Boutique in Singapore will provide exclusive products and personalized services for a differentiated customers’ brand experience. Special beauty programs will be available at the Singapore flagship store for the first time, such as Sulwhasoo’s Essential Treatment for hydration and Hydro-aid Treatment for deep moisturization, in addition to Concentrated Ginseng, Timetreasure, and Snowise Treatments that are already available at existing Sulwhasoo counters in departmental stores. Sulwhasoo Harmonizen Regenerating Cream, Essentrue Body Serum and Essentrue Body Cream will be exclusively available only at the Sulwhasoo Boutique.


Essential Hydrating Care Facial Treatment (60MIN) – $100

Uses the deep-hydrating Essential Line and Korean paper mask with excellent air permeability and absorption to restore hydration and smoothness.

Hydro-aid Purifying Facial Treatment (60MIN) – $120

Uses the Hydro-aid Line for the harmonious flow of moisture and skin-purifying White Porcelain Facial Tool to instantly resolve dry skin that causes lack of radiance.

Snowise EX Illuminating Facial Treatment (60MIN) – $180

Achieves a luminous complexion and instantly brightens dull skin tone for healthier, brighter skin.

Concentrated Ginseng Rejuvenating Facial Treatment (75MIN) – $220

The regenerating energy of Ginseng Line harmonizes with the cool energy of jade to firm and restore the foundation of skin, supplying ample nutrition to skin.

Timetreasure Perfecting Facial Treatment (75MIN) – $280

Indulge the skin with precious and rare centuries-old Korean Red Pine extracts in Sulwhasoo’s total anti-aging Timetreasure Line to restore aged skin and defy ageing for the ideal youthfulness

In addition, each of the guests who attended also received SULWHASOO First Care Activating Serum EX.


First Care Activating Serum is the first boosting essence based on Asian medicinal herbs, and is applied right after cleansing. It creates optimal skin conditions where any treatment products used thereafter become more effective. First Care Activating Serum has retained its number 1 position on the bestseller list for the past 18 years since its release.

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First Care Activating Serum EX is Sulwhasoo’s signature product, which is characterized by JAUM Balancing ComplexTM, Sulwhasoo’s key ingredient and unique formula that embodies the brand heritage. Based on five precious ingredients that are carefully selected from 3,000 herbs identified from the traditional medicine classics, JAUM Balancing ComplexTM replenishes the yin deficiency and restores skin balance, leaving the skin smooth and hydrated and brings the skin’s nutrition, vitality, clarity, resilience and regeneration back into balance.


In 2015, First Care Activating Serum EX presents a new, exclusive experience of ‘the utmost radiance’ by upgrading JAUM Balancing ComplexTM with Sulwhasoo’s proprietary technology to take the efficacies of medicinal herbs to a higher level.
As JAUM Balancing ComplexTM, an optimal formula of five precisous medicinal herbs, meets PREXtract ProcessTM, Sulwhasoo’s new proprietary technology that increases the content and number of active ingredients, First Care Activating Serum EX presents a greater boosting effect and optimizes skin balance to increase product effects.

FCAS EX_Product shot_Combi_Side view.jpg FCAS EX_Product shot_Package only_Front view.jpg FCAS EX_Product shot_Product only_Front view.jpg

We were each also given a super pretty 3D dimensional press release kit which includes a packet of medicinal herbs to make soup with! How thoughtful of the SULWHASOO PR Managers!

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Five precious ingredients of JAUM Balancing ComplexTM
 Peony: addresses the yin difficiency, and its tannin and paeoniflorin have soothing effects on skin.
 Rehmannia: achieves excellent moisturizing effects by stimulating circulation and protects skin from uneven tone and complexion against aging.
 Sacred lotus: restores mental vitality and replenishes body fluids and moisture, adding radiance to skin.
 Solomon’s seal: supplements the yin energy and adds elasticity to the skin.
 White lily: has calming and nourishing effects that spread across the body and enrich the mind.

JAUM Balancing Complex TM


I love the BB Cushion! Used it immediately the next day after purchase. It brightens up my skin tone and leaves it looking not too dewy but just nice with that soft after glow finish! I liked how it helps to accentuate my jawline and structure of my face shape.

Being the #1 best seller, the First Care Activating Serum is amazing. I have never tried medicinal beauty products before and have always thought the smell would put me off but this did not! I love the medicinal smell! The serum was on the moisturising side but yet non sticky and oily after. The downside however is it is probably too expensive for students and the younger girls out there. I believe working ladies would find this a real treat though.

Thank you for reading! Hope you guise enjoyed this post xx.

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