REVIEW – MooJaa Mookata

Hello again!

The weather has been rather insane these days! Some days are so unbearably hot and some days are just so cold! Take today for instance, it has been raining all day that its so cold! If only I can have some Mookata right now!


Anyway, this reminds me! Just the other day I was invited to go down to MooJaa Mookata’s new opening and it was such a great experience. I love MooJaa Mookata’s concept! It is so damn cool that the hot pot is tucked away below the table so that the smoke would not hit you directly. I also like that they have a wide array of sauces for you to choose from (self service). This reminds me of Hai Di Lao and I simply love this concept!

The whole place was kept very clean and the staff was very friendly too! I don’t really like to drink Thai Iced Tea on a whole because I always find it too sweet but the Thai Iced Tea here was not that sweet which is a plus point! They have ala carte and also set meals available. We had the Set Moo recommended for two and it was so filling even though it looks like not much in the beginning! The set comprises of scallops and also prawns at a very reasonable price.

The meat was also very tender and well marinated. I love the chicken so so much!

DSC06793 DSC06805 DSC06817 DSC06818 DSC06827 DSC06829 DSC06830 DSC06832 DSC06835



The Set Moo (recommended for 2) we had was so filling and only costs $45! What a steal really!

DSC06841 DSC06844 DSC06845_edited-1  DSC06853 DSC06858 DSC06861_edited-1

Thank you MooJaa Mookata for hosting me and my friend and congratulations again! If you live around the area or just looking for a good place for mookata, do drop by! You will not be disappointed.


220 Upper Thomson Road, S(574352)

Tel: 64511611

Check out their FB page here!

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