REVIEW – Eyelash Extensions at Hair Republic

Hi girlies!

Back with another special treat for you girls! Had my first eyelash extensions last weekend and gosh I think I am addicted to it already!



I especially love how pretty my eyes are with the fluttery lashes on. I don’t really apply fake eyelashes often and probably only a few times a year. I initially thought with false eyelashes, my eye makeup looked really unnatural…but these lashes were so pretty and natural looking, I think I might have to make this a beauty necessity already! Minmin, my therapist was very patient and she took about 1 and a half hour to 2 hours for the entire procedure. It was rather fast and we were happily chatting away.  Minmin has very gentle fingers and hence it was not painful at all! There was no tugging or discomfort during the whole process.

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Seen from the pictures, you would see that the whole place is brightly lighted up so that the therapists are able to do a proper job. The atmosphere felt like home and it was rather cosy with all the friendly-looking Hello Kitty toys! You would love this place if you are fans of the cartoon character!


DSC06731_edited-1 DSC06732

AFTER (Sorry for the spam! The lashes are too pretty to not take pictures)

DSC06756 DSC06761_edited-1  DSC06764_edited-1 DSC06765_edited-1 DSC06767_edited-1




So…this is my first time doing eyelash extensions and I had absolutely no idea what to expect or how to take care of the lashes but Minmin at Hair Republic kindly shared with me a few tips on how to take care of them so they stay pretty for a longer time! The trick is to wash/dry your face with a towel and avoid the eye area (including the eyelashes)! Water shouldn’t touch your lashes but its alright if some water gets on it. Just be very gentle when touching the lashes. I must admit it was rather difficult to get used to washing my face at first but then again, it was worth all the trouble I should say! It has been about a week and the lashes are still going strong! I don’t look bare or funny at the time being even though a few tiny lashes have dropped! I often forget their existence and would rub my eyes haha!


If you are interested, you would be happy to know that Minmin, the eyelash extension specialist of Hair Republic (who also kindly did my pretty eyelashes for me) is currently giving a 10% discount for my readers! All you have to do is just quote my name “Sydney Ho”


Cluster Lash

$30 for standard thickness

$50 where you can choose the length and thickness

Single Lash (the type I did)



Check them out at FacebookIG and their website!

Address: City Plaza #02-47

Contact them at 67450560 to make an appointment today!

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Hopefully this helps in your decision on whether to go for eyelash extensions! Thank you for reading xx

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