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Are you a shopaholic like me and enjoy cheap thrills? Well, no one does it better than Taobao that hails from China. Even though Taobao is well known for cheap prices, not many people have easy access to them, as Taobao is not exactly user friendly for foreigners because of the Mandarin language settings. This is where comes in! Besides the language settings, some of my friends told me about their horror stories where the goods they bought directly from Taobao without any middle person was defected or worst, never came! Ezbuy does the quality inspection part on your behalf so you can rest assure your goods will not be defected and will arrive safely to Singapore. I always shop my Taobao Haul or US Cosmetics on ezbuy and I will show you how below.

So why shop from ezbuy for your Taobao Haul or your favorite US cosmetics? Not only is it cheaper because you shop directly from the country of origins that helps to bypass any importer, exporter, distributor or retailers, there are also other benefits!

When you shop your Taobao Haul with ezbuy using Prime, you get $2.99 unlimited shipping regardless the size, weight or quantity where you are able to save tons on shipping fee. You also get instant upgrade to SVIP membership where you get to enjoy 50% savings off agent fee on Prime orders. This includes all Buy-For-Me services such as Purchasing, Inspection and After-sales support (trust me, this is A LOT of savings we are talking about here). If you are still unsure whether to get Prime, you may want to check out their 30-day Trial!

I only shop with ezbuy for my Taobao Haul and even though the shipping is quite affordable and I find the cheapest in the market, I still think Prime $2.99 unlimited shipping is so worth it if you are like me, always shopping  on Taobao! I shop on Taobao once every two weeks and I find it damn worth it!

Check out my amazing Taobao Haul from EzBuy! There are soooo many things you can get! Some of my friends even got their wedding dresses and furniture there! They have cute carpets, sofas and vanity tables for sale! My manicurist bought her working table there too. The furniture below was also all bought from Taobao (pic credits to!

You can also ship in your favorite Kylie Lip Kits or Colorpop Cosmetics from there too! That’s how I got mine.

Typical stuff I usually get from Taobao are accessories, clothes and shoes! I even got my cute bikinis from there too.

Anyway, ezbuy is really easy to use! Allow me to show you how.

1. Create an account
2. Go to Taobao and select an item you wish to purchase
3. Copy the link of the item you wish to purchase
4. Paste the link you copied onto the search bar on and press enter
5. It will take you to a page that allows you to select Color/Size/Quantity and you can select “Add to Cart” after
6. You will be taken to the “Shopping Cart” page where you can select your Shipping choice. Select “Check Out” when you are done!

So what are you waiting for? Quickly register now and you get Free $10 Shopper Voucher with this link:

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