REVIEW – Flenco Rose Facial Scrub & Amber Leefa

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Back with another beauty review. Featuring Flenco, a skincare and beauty treatment that address a multitude of skincare needs. Discover a new way to treat your skin, at any age and stage of your life.

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Established in Dec 2009, Flenco is a Singaporean import and export company. Blending the secrets of the Dead Sea with the unique benefits of Asian oils and Chinese medicine, they have created an entirely new line of products called Flen Natural Skin Care, designed specially for the Asian climate. Committed to their belief of being eco-friendly, all Flen products are packed in recycled glass containers, and a refill service is offered to their clients.

One value that unifies them is the belief in giving back to the community that nourishes their business. Having partnered with several charitable organisations previously, their latest initiative sources unique crafts from families in refugee camps or on low incomes, for their ‘Middle Eastern Gems’ collection. They also give a percentage of the profit to local and Middle Eastern social enterprises supporting education and employment for communities in need.

The products given to me under this skincare range were the Amber LEEFA and the Rose Facial Scrub.


A delicate cleanser with anti-aging properties that softens as it gently exfoliates using Dead Sea minerals and black mud combined with Rose oil. Helps reduce fine lines and stimulates collagen production. This exceptional deep cleansing exfoliant can help to remove impurities and excess oil whilst toning and nourishing the skin, producing a radiant healthy appearance. Use once weekly.

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90ml | S$80.00


Besides the rose facial scrub, there are other types of scrub available. You may choose your favourite here. When I first gotten the product I have honestly never heard of the brand. Mainly sold to spa centres, you will find this very calming and soothing to your skin. My skin felt baby soft after using the scrub. I felt my skin was brighter and less oily after using it. I also love the rose smell! You can use this for your neck and body as well.


Part Loofah and part soap, for complete skincare. Proper skin care needs both cleansing and exfoliating. A natural loofah wrapped around a pure soap, Leefa does both. As a result, they help you look, feel and smell truly beautiful. Based on virgin olive oil, honey and your favourite essential oils wrapped in a natural exfoliant.

Amber is a scent that is warm, musky, rich and earthly that gives harmony and balance to the body and soul. Start your day with soap that combines amber, honey and virgin olive oil in a unique blend.

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This being my first time using a Leefa, I am quite surprised what it actually is. Most people I know don’t even know what a Loofah is, much less a Leefa. Combined with a soap and Loofah, I like how convenient this is. You can use one side of the soap first before using the Loofah part to scrub away dead skin! I think this is a cool concept and with the quantity, I believe this can be used for quite some time. Made of natural ingredients, the Leefa smells amazingly good. It sort of calms me down as if I were in a spa. I like to use this for a gentle back and leg scrub.

You may shop the products HERE!

I hope this helps in your understanding of Flenco skincare range! Thank you for reading xx



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