Fav Collagen Drink: FANCL TENSE UP

Many of my friends like to ask me this question about how I can look this radiant and as always, my secret is the same. All thanks to FANCL Tense Up collagen drink, I look radiant and have this radiant glow on my skin all the time! I have always been a loyal consumer of FANCL Tense Up since I was 19. Never stopped since. My sister is a firm believer of FANCL Tense Up too! She drank for a consecutive 3 months right before her wedding and was raving about it the whole time which got me on the bandwagon too.

I believe you guys have heard me raving about FANCL Tense Up previously right? In my previous trip to visit FANCL outlets in Hong Kong, I was educated on the harmfulness of preservatives in skincare and how preservatives affects the efficacy of the active ingredients in skincare. It also affects the skin’s DNA and causes stress to the skin. Not only that, it weakens the skin’s elasticity and stimulates melanin production too! Of course, if you do not want any of these adverse effects happening to you, usage of products with no preservatives are a must! FANCL stresses strongly that their products are 100% No Preservatives and contain no skin damaging additives, or mineral oils.

With that, FANCL developed the Tri-Peptide Collagen, a patented Japanese technology to replenish the exact collagen type needed by skin to produce or replenish collagen loss. Each FANCL Tense Up drink has 2600mg of collagen.

Tri-Peptide Collagens are tiny molecules that are easily absorbed by the skin. Retailing at $58 for 50mL x 10 bottles in a box, I found it very affordable! They also come in small bottles that are very easy to bring whenever I travel!

We just had a fun blogger event where we used TenseUp as an ingredient in coming up with desserts and drinks. You can try it too!

Of course, not many people like the taste of collagen drinks and even think collagen is something extra and unnecessary. And if you have tried other brands’ collagen drinks and find the taste strange, you will like Tense Up because it has a very fruity taste. It’s actually delicious.

Most of us only care about the outer beauty, but what about inner beauty? We should not neglect the importance of Beauty Supplements! Beauty Supplements are what you need to ‘boost’ your skin care regime. Supplements brings much needed skincare into your body. . Like your usual vitamin C and E intake, collagen should be included in your beauty regimen too! Collagen helps maintain the skin’s firmness, moisture level and elasticity which is key to staying youthful!

Many people think collagen is for mature women, but do you know that the earlier you start, the better? Suitable for whether you are in your 20s, 30s and 40s, it is never too early or too late to replenish collagen. So, after taking Tense Up Collagen Drink, I found my skin to be more moisturized and makeup stays longer throughout the day too! And of course, that subtle glow on the face cannot be missed! Before, my skin would appear dull after a long day at work—but now it’s visibly radiant even if I’m out all day. I also don’t have to retouch makeup as often as I used to.

For usage, wise, you can consume it any time of the day after meal, or before bed but its highly recommended to drink it at night before sleep because skin metabolism rate is higher at night during sleep. I like to bring FANCL Tense Up with me wherever I go, its quite travel friendly so I would bring some bottles with me when I go travel. I can also just have it after a jog!

You can find FANCL at Isetan Scotts, Robinsons Raffles City and Suntec City West Wing. And just last 25 November, they opened a new counter at VivoCity! If you visit their VivoCity counter, you can participate in a lucky draw where you can stand to win an iWatch Generation 2 with any purchase! Just visit any time from 25 to 25 December to participate!

You can also get a FREE $10 e- voucher when you download the iFANCL app for the first time! You can download the iFANCL SG app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Also, remember to follow FANCL Singapore Facebook Page for amazing offers and discounts!

Thank you for reading and I hope this helped you in understanding the benefits of drinking collagen while young.

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