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Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a Panasonic Cooking Demo session.
Being an amateur baker, I have always found it quite difficult to make bread from scratch but after attending this cooking demo, I realised that making bread is never going to be the same anymore! It is really easy to make bread from scratch with the Panasonic Bread Maker.
Well, yes there are many other brands out there that have the bread maker, but what is so different with the Panasonic Bread Maker is that the quality of the dough is amazing. Priced at $329, I promise this machine is worth every cent of yours. Having tried the quality of the bread made from my sister’s Kenwood bread maker before, I dare to say the quality of the bread dough produced by Panasonic’s is a lot better. It is definitely comparable to those top notch bakeries out there.
Basically, what I love most about the Panasonic Bread Maker is that it has a 13 menu function where you can easily select Rice Flour to make muah chee, or Dumpling Skin Dough to make that dumpling skin for your xiao long bao, just to name a few.
It also has separate dispensers for the yeast, raisins and nuts where it automatically dispenses yeast at the proper time. You can also set the 13 hour digital timer and wake up to freshly made bread the next day! You can now look forward to no more rushing to the bakery every morning before work. The most amazing thing about this machine is that it has a crust colour control function! How cool is that, you can now select if you want a light or standard colour for your crust!
Accompanied with a well illustrated instruction guide, you can fully equip yourself with the machine in no time at all.If you are worried about the power consumption this machine uses, fret not! This machine’s power consumption as verified by the Panasonic staff is very low. The machine stops when the dough is resting. It is functioned to stop and run, stop and run.Even hospitals buy this machine so that they can make bread for the diabetic because you don’t need to add eggs or sugar for the dough/bread to rise or taste good! If you are lazy to go through so many steps, you can straight away buy the premix and select option 2 on the machine.For more information, visit:

Theresa Wong from Panasonic was our cooking coach for the day and she was so sweet to share with us really yummy and easy to make recipes. These are some of the recipes she went through with us that day:
1. Muah Chee
I was quite surprised a bread maker could make Muah Chee! This is one of my family’s favourite snack.
Instead of buying peanuts from the supermarket, Theresa taught us how to make our own! We could simply buy peanuts, microwave them and blend the peanuts and sugar together. If you like, you could add in a variety of nuts for example, pine nuts, almond etc.
2. Flavored bun rolls
For this recipe she gave us some ready made ones to try, which had a curry flavoured filling. This had eggs and potatoes in it. It is a healthier substitute to the very oily and unhealthy curry puff. The ones Theresa made in class were tuna and cheese rolls which tasted heavenly as well.
3. Fragrant Mixed Wheat Bread
As the loaf would take a long time to bake, Theresa came with a ready made one for us to try. Unlike some of the breads you see outside, this loaf was really fluffy and soft. The bread dough was indeed of a higher grade. With a separate raisin and nut dispenser, you can add a variety of flavours into the classic loaf for a fresh new taste.
4. Fresh Focaccia
Having always been a fan of focaccia, I was pleased to see how easy it is to prepare this! For this focaccia recipe, Theresa added cherry tomatoes, olives, cheese and rosemary spice for an extra punch! It was a pity I had to leave early and couldn’t stay to have a taste of the focaccia.
But oh well, now that I am determined to get this life saver, I will definitely return to this space with more interesting recipes of my own.
Here are some of the recipes featured in the limited edition recipe book which we were so lucky to receive!
Most delicious cup of papaya smoothie made from Panasonic’s blender! Thank you Theresa, Panasonic and OMY for being so thoughtful and preparing these treats for us.
Each of us were given a goodie bag packed with very useful items.
Thank you for having me, Panasonic! It was a fantastic event.
All recipes c/o and credited to Panasonic Singapore

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