Blackbox Exclusive Packs: Nutricap Keratin Vitalite & Surviving Crunch Time

Nutricap Keratin Vitalite, $12.90/pack (U.P $88.70)

Originating from France since 1992, Laboratories Nutrisanté has developed and produced very high-tech dietary supplements from natural biological elements. Nutricap, developed by Laboratories Nutrisanté, also features various lines of hair care products on top of oral supplements. Laboratories Nutrisanté possess their own GMP certified production unit that conforms to pharmaceutical standards guaranteeing the quality and safety of its products. Stringent quality procedures are implemented at each step in the product order preparation, manufacturing and marketing process.

Suitability: Suitable for both men and women
Where to buy: All Guardian outlets



Nutricap Vitality And Beauty Shampoo | 200ml
Suitable for everyday use with its paraben-free formula, the Nutricap Vitality and Beauty Shampoo, contains wheat germ oil and vitamin E, helping protect the hair, leaving it soft and shiny, and adding volume.
Retail Size and Price: 200ml, $19.90


Nutricap Nutritive And Detangling Treatment | 100ml
The Nutricap Nutritive & Detangling Treatment, a nourishing shea butter treatment, promotes shiny and beautiful hair with its gentle vanilla fragrance. With repairing and nourishing properties, it helps strengthen keratin and protect hair against external damage.
Retail Size and Price: 100ml, $18.90



Nutricap Keratin Vitalite | 30 capsules
Nutricap Keratin Vitalite is a dietary supplement containing plant-derived active ingredients, vitamins and amino acids. Nutricap Keratin Vitalite offers an exclusive formula which provides a comprehensive treatment for healthy hair through the action of biotin, which contributes to hair maintenance and aids normal hair follicle growth during environmental or physical changes.
Retail Size and Price: 30 capsules, $49.90; 90 capsules, $99.80


Overall, the products in an exclusive pack are very affordable. It is about 3 times lesser which makes it the perfect christmas gift for your love ones this year! I like that its paraben free and also after using it for some time, my hair is strengthened and also looks healthier. The formula protects my hair against pollution as well.

Exclusive Pack – Surviving Crunch Time, $14.90/pack (U.P $104.60)




Sleep Spray | 30ml

The Marz Sleep Sprays is under a line of products produced by MarzLabs, a leading innovator in oral sprays designed to promote overall health and wellness. Designed with the consumer in mind, Marz Sprays multi range of supplements brings decades of real-world experiences to their products developed by doctors, nutritionists and weight loss professionals. Distilled into a series of high-impact, highly-targeted oral sprays, the Marz Sprays provides a more convenient and efficient delivery system with an effective absorption rate as compared to the alternative pill and capsule consumptions. Manufactured in the United States and approved by governmental health authorities worldwide, the Marz Sprays series has the highest-quality products available in the market today.
Marz Sleep Spray is designed to help you fall asleep, rest peacefully and wake up refreshed. It is a high-absorption sleep aid with variable-dosage control. Supports the high-quality restorative sleep that aids in weight loss. Improves mental toughness and sharpness, and promotes optimal physiological health. Eliminates the drowsiness and “hangover” that can be caused by melatonin pills.
Retail Size and Price: 30ml, $29.90



Force G Original | 30 capsules
Force G Original is an oral stimulant that combines a group of active ingredients with provides pure energy to the body to ensure good physical and intellectual performance. It is made from ginger for its stimulating and tonifying properties, ginseng to help support physical and good cognitive performances, guarana which contributes to maintaining vitality and building resistance, as well as antioxidant ingredients, selenium and zinc to help strength cell vitality and also play a part in the natural defense mechanism.
Retail Size and Price: 30 capsules, $24.90




Force G Power Max Spray | 15ml
The Force G Power Max Spray formula consists of active ingredients known to stimulate and fortify the body, providing an immediate boost in energy and leaves fresh breath. Maxi-concentrated spray comprises of ginger, for its stimulating and tonifying properties, ginseng to help support physical and good cognitive performances, guarana, to contribute to maintaining vitality, taurine, an amino acid which exists naturally in the nervous system tissues and muscles, arginine, another amino acid that helps synthesis proteins and acerola, a true concentrate of natural vitamin C, to help fight temporary fatigue.
Retail Size and Price: 15ml, $19.90


Force G Power Max | 10 single doses
The Force G Power Max cherry-flavoured formula consists of active ingredients known to stimulate and fortify the body, providing an immediate boost in energy. The key active ingredients are ginger, for its stimulating and tonifying properties, ginseng as to help support physical and good cognitive performances, guarana, which contributes to maintaining vitality, arginine, an amino acid that helps synthesis proteins, acerola, a true concentrate of natural vitamin C and vitamin C itself, to fight temporary fatigue.
Retail Size and Price: 10 single doses, $29.90


The sleep spray is very interesting. I use it for a few nights before I sleep and found it energises me, and keeps me awake and refreshed in the morning.

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